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Taiwan-UK Cooperation in Innovative Technology of Renewable Energy

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More than 200 industry practitioners with more than 16 companies shared best practices in offshore wind farm Operations and Maintenance (O&M), smart grid and innovative floating offshore wind technology. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Taiwan’s largest shipbuilder and flotation energy company and a British floating wind developer, focusing on collaboration on floating wind technology development in Taiwan.

Through its energy transition policy, Taiwan plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation to 20% by 2025 and become an offshore wind power hub in the Asia region. The three stages of Taiwan’s offshore wind power policy include demonstration, potential, and zonal development. Recently Taiwan officially began Phase 3 of offshore wind development.

With rapid offshore wind expansion and ambitious energy transition, Taiwan has the potential to become a leader in the Asia Pacific region in the offshore wind industry. The UK government is investing in technologies to bring more green energy into the UK grid system. The UK government is committed to sharing this innovation with Taiwan.

30 UK offshore wind companies are already established in Taiwan – a strong sign of confidence in Taiwan’s offshore wind market. The UK has the experience and commercial capabilities to help Taiwan build a robust supply chain of developers, setting the global standard for offshore wind development. Capitalising on new technologies such as floating offshore wind will cement Taiwan as the region’s leading offshore wind market.

Countries worldwide have been paying great attention to Taiwan’s renewable energy development, particularly on the offshore wind which is expected to reach 5.6 GW by 2025. To boost the development of offshore wind in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to release 1.5 GW annually between 2026 and 2035. It was 50% more than 1 GW initially planned. Therefore, we need more cooperation and partners. Taiwan and the UK had a lot of official cooperation and exchanges.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

A lot of government and industry representatives from Taiwan and the UK put forward very insightful ideas and knowledge. The UK has always been an important partner for Taiwan to achieve its energy transition goals. Taiwan is also working hard on expanding the deployment of renewable energy and offshore wind. There will likely be more cooperation opportunities for both sides to work together towards the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by inventing innovative technologies.

The UK and Taiwan agreed to cooperate on the UK-Taiwan carbon reduction pathway in the energy sector, as well as to co-organise a series of energy innovation workshops focusing on floating offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, in response to the development of green energy, a Taiwanese university has established a laboratory to invest in the research and development of wind power technology, providing relevant manpower with green energy expertise in the industry to be in line with the policies of the Taiwan government.

In the face of the international trend of the energy transition, many large international companies have asked supply chain manufacturers to use renewable energy to work for sustainable industries and the environment.

The wind power technology team has been closely cooperating with the industry in recent years for the operation and maintenance of wind farms, assisting wind power manufacturers to solve various problems faced in the operation and maintenance of wind farms.

The laboratory is also actively developing a climbing maintenance robot. which can automatically operate and freely move up and down upon the wind turbine tower, providing safe and reliable maintenance equipment for the regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of the wind turbine.

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