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Taiwan Unveils Innovative Tech Solutions

Taiwan is unveiling its latest innovations in advanced logic technology, speciality technologies, and 3DFabric™ advanced packaging and chip stacking technologies. Taiwan’s largest semiconductor company offers N6RF for next-generation 5G smartphone and WiFi 6/6e performance, N5A for state-of-the-art automotive applications, and enhancements across the range of 3DFabric technologies.

Digitalisation is transforming society faster than ever as people use technology to overcome the barriers created by the global pandemic to connect, collaborate, and solve problems. This digital transformation has opened up a new world full of opportunities for the semiconductor industry. The symposium of the semiconductor company highlights many of the ways they are enhancing and expanding their technology portfolio to unleash their customers’ innovations.

The company is introducing N5A which is aimed at satisfying the growing demand for computing power in newer and more intensive automotive applications such as AI-enabled driver assistance and the digitisation of vehicle cockpits. N3 technology is poised to be the world’s most advanced technology when it begins volume production in the second half of 2022. N6RF process brings the power, performance, and area benefits of its advanced N6 logic process to 5G radio frequency (RF) and WiFi 6/6e solutions.

The semiconductor company continues to expand its comprehensive 3DFabric family of 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies. For high-performance computing applications, TSMC will be offering larger reticle size for both its InFO_oS and CoWoS ® packaging solutions in 2021, enabling larger floor plans for chiplet and high-bandwidth memory integration.

For mobile applications, the InFO_B solution is designed to integrate a powerful mobile processor in a slim, compact package with enhanced performance and power efficiency and support mobile device makers’ DRAM stacking on the package.

Taiwan supports a thriving ecosystem of global customers and partners with the industry’s leading process technologies and portfolio of design enablement solutions to unleash innovation for the global semiconductor industry. The company deployed 281 distinct process technologies and manufactured 11,617 products for 510 customers in 2020 by providing the broadest range of advanced, speciality and advanced packaging technology services.

As technology is one of the cornerstones of the company, the range of technologies and services in the semiconductor manufacturing industry is broad. It embodies an integrated approach that bundles process technology options and services. The company collaborates with partners to ensure that all services supporting those technologies represent the best practices.

Taiwan has also been displaying its technologies, including a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies. As reported by OpenGov Asia, numerous Taiwanese manufacturers of machine tools and machine tool components displayed several technologies in an online version of the organisation’s signature Taiwanese International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).  A key feature of the show was each company’s embrace of data-driven manufacturing. The participating companies also intend to compete with high-end Japanese and German manufacturers in the U.S. market.

One company displayed multiple turn/mill centres in its presentation, including the UX-2000 ST, a five-axis simultaneous turning/milling machine. With an integrated automatic tool changer (ATC) and a 240-degree rotating B-axis milling head, this machine can perform complex machining and turning operations with minimal operator oversight. Both this machine and the company’s EX-2000 turn/mill are capable of high-speed machining operations in addition to precision turning.

All the participating companies focus on advanced technology. By showcasing these machines, Taiwan seemed to be making a statement emphasising high-end machine tools. Machines shown were automation-ready and capable of using multiple advanced machining strategies, aimed at machine shops manufacturing complex parts with precise tolerances.

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