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Taiwan’s Cybersecurity, Smart Technology R&D Building Officially Opens

The Ministry of Science and Technology’s (MOST) Cyber Security and Smart Technology Research and Development Building in Tainan’s Shalun held its opening ceremony. The building, situated within the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, will host the Taiwan Tech Arena’s (TTA) south Taiwan headquarters, according to MOST. The building will be a hub for the high-tech industry as well as start-up companies in southern Taiwan.

I hope that international resources linked to TTA will migrate south to promote the development of local start-up teams as well as to establish south Taiwan as a new international base for innovative technology. Additionally, with the ongoing development of the metaverse, one must also infuse humanistic ideas into new technology to aid its growth.

– Wu Tsung-tsong, Minister of Science and Technology

President Tsai Ing-wen reiterated the humanistic aspect of technology, citing the evolving slogans for Taiwan to become an island of technology, of humanistic technology, to an Eastern civilization of silicon. He said Taiwan has taken up a key role within the metaverse and must forge its own, humanistic path in the development of relevant technology.

The government must not only see what is big within the metaverse but also see what is small — such as nanotechnology. He added that as the metaverse comes with several opportunities and a solid foundation for entrepreneurship, where professionalism and skills must be valued, even more important is cybersecurity — government entities must also be ready to tackle new forms of crime.

As cybersecurity risks arising from the recent development of digital technologies have become a topic of major concern throughout the world, the global demand for cybersecurity products and services will continue to grow. In order to best seize this immense opportunity, push forward the development of Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry and achieve President Tsai Ing-wen’s directive to treat cybersecurity as national security, the government has integrated cybersecurity into the “five plus two” innovative industries plan as a component of national defence.

By taking advantage of Taiwan’s strengths in semiconductors, integrated circuits, and information and telecommunications equipment, local cybersecurity firms can establish a strong national brand and reputation for excellence. After securing the cybersecurity environment for critical infrastructure at home, Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry will then be ready to expand and conquer international markets.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, the President of Taiwan said that no stone is being left unturned in strengthening Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry in line with the goals and objectives of the government’s five-plus-two innovative industries plan. Cybersecurity is one of the most important of the six core strategic industries founded on the plan. This is evidenced by strong legislative support in the form of amendments to the National Security Act in 2019 and the passage of the Cybersecurity Management Act in 2018.

The number of cyberattacks is on the rise in Taiwan as malevolent actors seek to take advantage of an open internet and liberal social media environment. Left unchecked, the attempted theft of business-related data and intellectual property poses a threat to Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.

The government is responding to this challenge by integrating the development of cybersecurity, information and communication technology, the internet and telecommunications. In addition, a data-driven active defence system aimed at bolstering the resilience and security of Taiwan’s critical infrastructure is in the pipeline.

Taiwan is promoting a partnership between Taiwan’s public and private sectors, as well as like-minded partners in the international community. By sharing information, it is possible to efficiently and swiftly strengthen the country’s digital defences.

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