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Taiwan’s Digital COVID-19 Certificate Gains Recognition

Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) stated that Taiwan was in the process of preparing its digital COVID-19 certificate. Digital COVID-19 certificates issued by Taiwan would be accepted as equivalent to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

People who have received the domestic Medigen vaccine will be eligible to obtain the certificate, even though Medigen is not authorised for use in the European Union. That does not mean, however, that such travellers would be granted quarantine or COVID-19 test waivers, based on their vaccination status.

The European Commission’s decision to accept Taiwan’s digital COVID-19 certificate under the same conditions as the EU Digital COVID Certificate means that the information on Taiwan’s certificates will be recognised as valid, but quarantine and testing protocols for travellers are still decided by individual countries.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), all legal residents in Taiwan will be eligible to receive the digital certificate. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is valid in all European Union member states and in 33 non-EU countries and territories. Those with a Taiwan-issued certificate will now be able to travel freely in the “EU+” area, which includes all EU member states, as well as the four Schengen Area associated nations of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

The EU certificate contains information on the holder’s vaccination status, COVID-19 test results, and proof of recovery if the holder was infected. It is available in digital and paper format, and the application is free of charge, according to the website. EU member states can also decide to waive restrictions for travellers who have received other COVID-19 vaccines, the website says, adding that the rules vary from country to country.

According to the European Commission, once a traveller has entered into the EU+ area, a recognised Taiwan-issued certificate can also be used for getting access to cultural events, sites, or other activities where the possession of the digital pass is mandatory. , Taiwan also agreed to accept the EU Digital COVID Certificate for EU nationals travelling to the country, suggesting more convenient bilateral travel in the future.

To obtain a digital COVID-19 certificate, non-EU travellers must have been inoculated with one of the vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). However, individual EU member states may decide to accept other vaccines, such as the ones on the WHO Emergency Use Listing, in the future, according to the EETO.

Reciprocal recognition could facilitate travel, but the quarantine measures required to enter the EU would remain the same. Evaluations are also being made to decide whether and how Taiwan’s digital certificate could be used domestically.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the economy, tremendous opportunities have also emerged in the post-pandemic economy to fuel the growth of startups in Taiwan. The outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 changed lives around the world, accelerating digital transformation and creating opportunities for new startups to develop innovative ideas and technological breakthroughs.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which has support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), collaborated with the Stanford Centre for Professional Development (SCPD) to share their expertise and perspectives on technology innovation. The platform provided an opportunity for startups in Taiwan to learn about Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and to reimagine business opportunities in the context of a ‘new normal’ economy.

The pandemic has impacted the global economic structure significantly, bringing about further developments in business innovation and digital technology. For the past few years, the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) has played an important role in promoting R&D innovation to help develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Taiwan.

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