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Taiwan’s ITRI:  Innovation is Central to Country’s 2050 Net Zero Roadmap

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is the organisation tasked to foster innovation in Taiwan. Government-backed and founded in 1973, the non-profit research institute has been instrumental in the nation’s rise as the semiconductor capital of the world, helping create the biggest brands in microchips in the country today. ITRI has once again called on technology and innovation as the key to achieving the country’s Net Zero goals by 2050.

ITRI, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), emphasised the need for innovation in the fight against climate change. Additionally, it detailed various ways carbon reduction strategies can be achieved.  Specifically, the research group pointed out the carbon management platform, service team, talent, and technology as central to the task at hand.

R&D innovation plays a vital role in Taiwan’s 2050 net-zero roadmap as it helps industries strike a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability.

– Edwin Liu, President, Industrial Technology Research Institute

To jumpstart the effort, ITRI pointed out over 40 carbon reduction technologies. Some of these cater to energy supply, power consumption, low-carbon manufacturing and a sustainable environment. Moreover, MOEA Minister Mei-Hua Wang supports ITRI’s stance on achieving sustainable development. He reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to achieving the 2050 target and recognised ITRI’s efforts in leading industries towards net zero. Also, this is echoed by Ming-Hsin Kung, National Development Council Minister with reference to the country’s roadmap in the transition to net-zero emissions.

ITRI disclosed ICT and other technologies that could be helpful in the fight against climate change. These include:

  • Cloud carbon management platform
  • Developing green energy
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Low carbon manufacturing
  • Applications of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)

ITRI Chairman Chih-Kung Lee stated that ITRI engages in cross-domain innovation to provide enterprises with one-stop-shop solutions. To note, its cloud carbon management platform offers the largest database of industrial carbon footprint data in Taiwan, spanning over 20 industries and containing over 10,000 entries of information. It thereby allows companies to keep track of their carbon emissions.

The service team assists industry partners in boosting their green competitiveness in a comprehensive and tailored manner, covering corporate education, carbon emissions check-ups, and the introduction of tech innovation. ITRI has also established the Taiwan Net Zero Innovation Map for Industry to provide the latest information on net-zero initiatives. Meanwhile, it plans to establish a Net Zero & Sustainability School to formulate educational programs and cultivate green-collar talent, he said.

Indeed, Taiwan’s ITRI laid the groundwork for the country to transform from a manpower-based economy to an innovation-based one. Its track record speaks for itself. Today, the island nation is in a hugely advantageous place to benefit from its semiconductor industry. For one, it should be able to play a huge role in the introduction of Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) in the near future.

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