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Taiwan’s TaipeiPASS Permit System Makes Travel and Work Safer

Image credits: english.gov.taipei

To ensure the stability of agricultural produce supply and to strengthen pandemic prevention measures, a new system integrating TaipeiPASS mechanism and registered EasyCard goes live at Taipei’s wholesale markets. Mayor and city officials arrived at the two wholesale markets to inspect the implementation of the access management system.

The following people are required to swipe their TaipeiPASS permit at entry points to access these venues: employees, delivery personnel; loading and unloading workers; janitors; resident staff; registered underwriters; assistant underwriters; workers hired by underwriters; self-governing association personnel, janitors, security personnel, and storage management staff. They will only be allowed entry when the green light lights up at the gate.

The Department of Information Technology interfaced with the database of the National Immunisation Information System (NIIS) to obtain the list of individuals who have received COVID-19 vaccine shots for 14 days or longer. This data is integrated with a contact-tracing mechanism into a physical access card produced with the help of EasyCard.

At the entry points of the wholesale market, individuals can show their permit near the sensor. The entire process – from temperature-taking to card reading – takes no longer than 10 seconds. A red light will turn on if the individual is denied access.

Those without a TaipeiPASS permit must produce a negative PCR test result documentation or a vaccine shot yellow card from 14 days ago or longer. They must also complete contract-tracing registration before they can enter the market. The Market Administration Office calls upon workers or frequenting these facilities who have been vaccinated to apply for the permit to save time and avoid long queues.

According to a report, TaipeiPASS is the key citizen-centric service aimed at providing a convenient service portal. TaipeiPASS employs a two-factor verification mechanism to establish citizen digital IDs and effectively protect citizens’ personal data.

TaipeiPASS was designed by employing a citizen-centric service approach to combine a personal ID with various city government services. Because the application is connected to Taipei City Government services and facilities, it serves as a bridge for communication and interactions between citizens and the city government in the use of digital infrastructure.

The app features a simple and smooth interface, provides citizen-centric service content and integrates diverse, convenient services, including card certification, online registration, welfare estimation, and e-payment services for public fees to provide a one-stop application.

Taipei City Government has implemented real-name registration systems at public venues. When entering, citizens with a Taipei Pass can quickly scan their personal QR codes to save time waiting in line, avoid indirect contact by touching a pen and paper, and protect themselves. At the date of writing, citizens have used the Taipei Pass application to provide their details in real-name registration systems when entering large exhibition venues.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, TaipeiPASS was designed as a one-stop solution for 80% of municipal services, from paying taxes and parking tickets to utility bill payments, access to the library resources, and a citizen hotline. In addition, citizens can remotely cast a vote, file a complaint, report an offence, and enjoy exclusive dining and shopping discounts at stores.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the tech-savvy among the city government have delved into digital technology initiatives to contain the spread of the virus. A year later, the service has been revamped for COVID check-ins that enable contact tracing. Also, QR codes are displayed at business and event registration counters, making it easier for people to check in and for the City Covid Response Team to track the footprint of the coronavirus.


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