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Tech projects among research selected for Australian Federal Government funding

The latest round of Australian Research Council Linkage Projects for the University of Queensland (UQ) includes virtual reality pilot training as well as better monitoring of water pollution.

According to a recent press release, the Federal Government has announced more than AU$ 2.5 million for seven projects of the University.

These projects are in addition to eight already funded through this annual program, providing the University with a total of AU$ 5.9 million.

By working with the partner organisations in industry, the combined cash and in-kind contribution surpasses AU$ 12.6 million.

This result is a testament to the quality of research partnerships that are emerging from the University.

The Projects

The partnerships will work together on addressing a wide range of challenges, as varied as cooling technologies for hypersonic flight, reducing energy costs in manufacturing electronic circuitry and a community-based approach to loneliness.

The seven successful projects awarded are the following:

  1. Electron Transpiration Cooling of Hypersonic Vehicles.

With ARC funding amount of AU$ 475,000, the investigation will contribute towards enabling technologies for sustained hypersonic flight by overcoming critical head load limitations.

  1. The sensory prerequisites of effective simulator-based pilot training.

With ARC funding amount of AU$ 420,000, the project will investigate the use of head-mounted virtual reality systems for training, with specific focus on the aviation industry.

  1. Next generation flexible high current micro-electronic interconnects.

With ARC founding amount of AU$ 351,705, the project aims to reduce the temperatures required for the manufacture of electronic circuitry through the use of low melting temperatures metallic gallium-based alloys.

  1. A community-based social identity approach to loneliness.

With ARC funding amount of AU$ 260,310, this project will produce a validated social prescribing model that can be implemented across Australia to reduce loneliness, strengthen communities and guide more appropriate uses of health services.

  1. Simultaneous dissolved methane and nitrogen removal.

With ARC funding amount of AU$ 423,282, this project aims to develop a technology that avoids methane stripping in waste water but also enables its beneficial use to enhance nitrogen removal.

  1. Improved monitoring of aquatic pollutants in national water resources.

With ARC funding of AU$ 362,324, this project will create cost-effective tools to advance the detection of emerging chemicals in drinking, ground, surface and waste waters.

  1. The Queensland Atlas of Religion.

With ARC funding amount of AU$ 252,476, the project aims to investigate, document and interpret the diversity of religion and religious practices in Queensland’s past and present.

The Australian Research Council

The ARC is a Commonwealth entity within the Australian Government.

Its purpose is to grow knowledge and innovation for the benefit of the Australian community through funding the highest quality research, assessing the quality, engagement and impact of research and providing advice on research matters.

In seeking to achieve its purpose, the ARC provides advice to the Government on research matters and administers the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP), a significant component of Australia’s investment in research and development.

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