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Thai Government under Cyber Attack

Thai Government under Cyber Attack

Thailand has a new cyber terrorism force called “Thailand F5 Cyber Army”.  Yes, it’s true!

Thai government was going down the route of having a single gateway for the country.  

People felt that this was not a sign of democracy and started to recruit citizens.  The task at hand – use Firefox web browser, hide your IP, launch an application that automatically refreshes the targeted website every second.  

The implication is simple – when you refresh a website simultaneously, you are forcing the server to overload, slowing or crashing the site.  This antic is known DDoS or distributed denial of service attack.

Sounds scary – it is!  Classes for volunteers are in 3 denominations – beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Over a 1,000 volunteers have shown interest.

The first of the attack by 30 beginners was launched as a “test attack” on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website bringing it down in less than five minutes.

Now here is the problem.  ‘The Informations and Communication Technology Ministry last week announced that it would abandon the single gateway plan,’ but that has not satisfied the Cyber activists group.   They want more – they want all government officials who are working on this project to resign and they want all charges dropped for those involved in the Cyber Attack.  

“What we’ve done so far is only symbolic.  We want the government to realise the extent to which people are against the proposal,” said a team representative who asked not to be named.  “As for serious attacks on the government’s IT system – we haven’t even started them.”

The conversation has reached the office of the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha who has denied giving any agency the green light to move on the project. 

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