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Thai startup makes major contribution to e-documents

According to a recent report, a Thai tech startup has introduced a smart solution for electronic documents and signing, making it the first startup to provide such electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) services in Thailand.

The service is expected to be a shot in the arm for Thailand’s transition into the digital age, enabling businesses in every sector to join the paperless society, the company’s founder and chief executive officer said recently. The service by the startup allows online documents to be created for electronic signing within one minute and these online documents can be signed electronically through any device, anywhere and anytime.

The service also is compatible with the online identity verification system of any organisation as well as the electronic time stamping (e-Timestamping) service from the Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA), making identity verification less complicated and helping cut operation costs.

The co-founder of the start-up noted that today the company is ready to provide this service without any charge to build greater trust among its target users, including finance-related entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, online entrepreneurs, B2B (business to business) firms, securities firms, lawyers council, law firms, and construction companies, for example.

According to the deputy executive director of ETDA (a public organisation), the introduction of this electronic document and signing solution will provide a practical alternative for electronic documents and signing to both the public and business sectors.

The ETDA has supported this service from the start-up with its e-Timestamping service to further improve its credibility. On top of that, the ETDA is also eager to provide support and assistance in the enhancement of such a service to meet higher standards of privacy by design and security, which will foster trust among the users. This service will become available free of charge as a New Year’s gift to the people.

It was added that that the e-Timestamping service is aimed at supporting e-document service by certifying the existence of an e-document, the revisions of which can be tracked for the interest of the users to be protected. In Thailand, the start-up is the first provider of such services as eKYC, digital signature and credit scoring.

The eKYC service makes it easier to process online transactions by facilitating the authentication using face-matching technology (together with ID card) and blockchain technology. After the authentication is verified, the system will create an online PDF document, which is accompanied by a login dashboard, document management and e-signature functionalities. This allows users to create their signature, upload photos and create blogs, while the e-document is trackable and can be signed by multiple users.

This service is in compliance with the Electronic Transactions Act BE 2544 that considers e-signatures to be legally binding. This means that this solution from the start-up will enable online transactions that need electronic time stamping for credibility purpose to be completed faster with the e-Timestamping service from ETDA, which makes it possible to track changes and verify completeness of the e-document.

The online credit scoring is based on analyses of data from multiple sources, including government agencies such as National Credit Bureau, as well as social media, aiming to facilitate financial loans and transactions, both online and offline, by providing accurate results for individual customers or corporations.

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