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Thailand Continues Programmes for Digital Trainers

Thailand conducted the latest batch of the Digital Citizen Trainer project to advance its digital trainer development. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society’s Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) collaborated with Dek-D to extend the training programme for passing on expertise to the digital society.

ETDA re-joined forces with Dek-D to continue the development of the “ETDA Digital Citizen Trainer or EDC Trainer” Generation 2 project. The trainers will play a significant role in spreading, growing and passing on knowledge to the digital society about how to constructively utilise the internet or social media. Applications will be accepted till January 19, 2023.

ETDA aims to have more than double the number of Generation 2 EDC Trainers trained over the previous year. Following the success of the EDC project Trainer Batch 1 with 23 trainers in 2022, EDC 2023 anticipates that at least 50 more persons will be recruited.

Participants will be mentored to gain skills and knowledge in the “EDC Trainer Training Batch 2” which lasts two days and will be filled with supporting documentation and digital competence. The project was open to Thais of all ages who will pass information to the intended audience, such as youth and the elderly. They will have the opportunity to participate in learning, training, skill enhancement, and prospective Internet Awareness preparation through the ETDA Digital Citizen (EDC) course with digital specialists.

The digital trainer will continue to pass on knowledge to family members, community members, or others close to them to broaden the network and build quality digital citizens in the future. Its purpose is to help spread information to a larger target audience of different genders and ages, totalling over 1,500 people around the country.

ETDA helps to promote and assist agencies and organisations. According to Chaichana Mitphan, Director of ETDA, the agency has consistently conducted measures to promote public understanding of internet use. In addition, ETDA has altered the operational procedure by incorporating digital technologies that may be used reliably and safely.

The “EDC Trainer Training Batch 2” will be held over two days of learning and sharing experiences, packed with professional knowledge and expertise. The exchange between participants is included under digital skills in the five categories listed below.

  1. To develop a good identity and manners in the digital world through digital identity.
  2. Digital Us gave the practical application of digital technology in terms of time, equipment, emotion management, and empathy for others.
  3. Management of digital security (Digital Security) to avoid, manage, and respond to online risks and threats.
  4. Digital literacy will inform how to use information, news, and diverse internet media and creatively consume digital media.
  5. Digital Communication (Digital Communication) promotes understanding how to communicate effectively through internet resources and how to cope with beneficial digital traces.

Thailand is improving its digital skills to boost its standing in the top 30 of the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking. Previously, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha proposed a national policy revision and goals for digital development for the economy and society.

The step was taken in response to the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, which placed the country among the top 30 in the world and the top three in ASEAN. At the same time, Thai people have a digital literacy (DL) score of more than 75 points.

As a result, the country recently recommended revising the (draught) National Policy and Plan for the Development of the Digital Economy and Society (2018-2037). Thailand’s goal is to become one of the leading countries in global digital leadership potential and competitiveness.

With a GDP (Digital Contribution to GDP) of at least 50% and the country’s competitiveness in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking is in the top 20 in the world or the top two in ASEAN. as well as Thai people’s digital literacy (DL) Score at least 85 points.

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