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Thailand Discusses Strategies to Attract 5G Investment

Thailand’s National Standardisation Council (NSC) held a Focus Group meeting to prepare measures to promote investment in 5G, preparing an ecosystem to attract domestic and foreign investment. NSC’s mission is to promote the efficient and full use of 5G technology to drive the economy and society. As a result, the council is looking at ways to encourage investing in and using 5G technology.

Puchaphong Nodthaisong, Secretary-General of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission (NESDB), stated that 5G had become one of the most widely used digital technologies nowadays. Moreover, 5G can be used with other technologies and create digital innovations to increase the value of economic activities and people’s quality of life in society.

The country understands the importance of setting goals and encouraging all sectors to use 5G technology to drive the economy and society thoroughly, equally, and efficiently.  Therefore, the NBS held a focus group meeting to prepare measures to promote investment and take advantage of 5G technology.

The group will prepare measures and push relevant sectors into real-world practises, leading to 5G technology investment and utilisation. Thailand is also developing an investment ecosystem ready to take advantage of 5G technology to drive the country’s economy and society further.

The National 5G Steering Committee has previously approved guidelines for encouraging investment in and using 5G technology. As the source of measurement for the preparation project, the guidelines consist of 11 measures.

Thailand aims to have a 5G-ready ecosystem to attract investment from both domestic and foreign investors. The guideline will also measure 5G usage in a more appropriate, comprehensive, and comprehensive manner. There will be a discussion, exchange of ideas, and analysis of critical issues with relevant agencies and stakeholders. The forum will provide helpful suggestions to improve (draught) such measures to be appropriate for Thailand in the future.

As per an OpenGov Asia article, the Director of the Digital Economy Division Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission, Ployrawee Krirkphankul, presided over the 2023 Thailand Digital Outlook Study Project opening ceremony in Bangkok. The National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) analyses the overall policy development of the country’s digital economy and innovation.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the commission will evaluate the study project’s findings as consideration for digital economy policy formulation to improve national development effectiveness. They will also assess Thailand’s problems and obstacles to policy implementation and driving digital Thailand.

Ultimately, the commission will recommend practical measures to guide and develop the digital economy and society through an actionable policy and roadmap. The recommendations in the draft will aid in increasing data storage efficiency and expanding the scope of digital economic indicators.

Previously, Puchaphong Nodthaisong, Secretary-General of the NESDB’s National Digital Economy and Society Commission Office, stated that the overall operation throughout 2022 has driven significant projects. As a result, to support the growth of the digital economy, Thailand must prepare digital infrastructure and accessibility across all dimensions. In response to the changing context of the modern world, such efforts will enable Thailand to seize new opportunities for economic growth and to improve its quality of life.

Previously, NSC completed a few projects promoting and supporting digital infrastructure. The 5G network, for example, is a mainstream digital and communication infrastructure that supports various activities. According to the NSC study, Thailand currently has a 5G signal that covers all 77 provinces and reaches the population.

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