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Thailand gets all-in-one marketing-tech platform

A Thai digital marketing platform provider has announced that it has successfully developed its “ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform” or RMP, the first and only all-in-one digital marketing tool in Thailand. This tool is on par with international platforms but better meets the needs of Thai businesses.

The platform has started upgrading the marketing system for 19,000 SME clients and 100 large corporate clients enabling them to use the full range of services. The RMP is expected to support Thai businesses in maximizing the effectiveness of digital marketing.

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm noted that digital marketing today focuses on reaching target via personalized marketing. The strategy helps reduce the cost of reaching customers by 50 per cent while increasing revenue by 5-15 per cent.

The data-driven marketing approach leverages Big Data and uses marketing software as a key tool.

However, most digital marketing service providers do not have their own marketing platforms but only provide digital advertising media management or produce marketing content, meaning that they are obliged to apply foreign software that does not perfectly fulfil the requirements of Thai businesses.

Thanks to its understanding of the pain points, the firm has developed a full-funnel marketing approach that embraces Reach – Convert – Retain strategies.

All the marketing tools are integrated to provide operations with seamless data links. This ultimately becomes a full-range marketing platform whose performance efficiency is equal to foreign platforms, but better meets the requirements of Thai businesses.

The firm has advantages over the foreign platforms because the company has a Thai team on hand to provide 24/7 customer support, digital marketing training courses for customers, and a data link system with online payment service providers in Thailand.

Most importantly, the company has a long experience in marketing software development for Thai businesses thus helping it to better understand Thai marketing trends and demands of the Thai entrepreneurs.

The firm spent more than 10 years developing software and applications to create marketing tools to fulfil marketing funnel.

Thailand’s digital spending increasing

Thailand’s digital advertising spending is expected to surpass 20 billion baht this year, up 19 per cent from a year earlier, according to a Thailand research firm.

However, the projected growth is still lower than the 36% expansion of 2018, when spending reached THB16.9 billion baht. The information was collected from leading media agencies.

Last year, the automotive industry was the biggest digital ad spender, followed by communications and skincare products. The communications sector is expected to pick up next year after 5G is rolled out.

It was noted that Thais spend six hours on mobile devices out of nine hours daily online. Artificial intelligence and chatbots are two technologies that marketers believe will have a great impact on online marketing.

Data-driven marketing is a must for marketers and brands, as it can create effective attraction among users with a precise marketing approach. Thus, training for marketers will be organised so they can make use of data to drive online marketing.

Thus, as an increasing number of Thais get access to information, products and services online, the digital marketing arena is ripe with opportunity.

The new all-in-one platform will help companies make the most of digital spending trends and optimise their products and services lines.

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