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Thailand gets first in-country AI-enabled cloud platform

A collaboration between the leading carrier-neutral data centre and cloud service provider in Thailand and the Thailand branch of a massive e-commerce company has produced the country’s first in-country interactive and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cloud platform.

The new platform will offer a complete range of cloud services to both the public and private sectors and is expected to enable organisations with a strategic option to provide cloud solutions within the country on a standard platform.

The Managing Director of the data centre noted that in 2019, revenues from cloud services in Thailand have an average growth of 31.5 per cent.

The projected growth can be exceeded if there is a scalable and secure cloud service with the capabilities to provide infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service and can support multi-tenant and single tenant use from both private and public sectors.

With the collaboration with the e-commerce firm, the data centre can now deliver an in-country world-class cloud platform that enables organisations and businesses such as the government, financial institutions, and media content service providers with an option to secure their data in the country.

This will result in the incoming investments in the country and eventually make Thailand an epicentre of Indochina.

The ultimate aim of this new AI-enabled cloud platform is to provide local businesses with intelligent and secure cloud solutions at lower costs, enabling them to improve their efficiencies and performances and, thus, enabling Thailand to maintain its competitive edge in the digital transformation era.

With a swift growth in the digital economy in Thailand, the nation is in need of smart cloud services to fulfil its economic potential, according to the Chief Operating Officer of the e-commerce giant. This is why widespread and cross-sector collaboration is needed to establish a centre in Thailand.

It is believed that the collaboration will enable the e-commerce giant to deliver world-class cloud experience to users through our full array of vertical solutions and cutting-edge technology including face recognition, smart retail solution, and content delivery network.

The interactive and AI-enabled cloud platform will strengthen the digital infrastructure of the nation, which is key to economic success in this digital age.

According to the country’s Thailand 4.0 policy, the economic policy is designed to promote and support innovation, creativity, research and development, higher technologies and green technologies. Under its Thailand 4.0 initiative, the country is pivoting towards digital transformation to boost innovation and competitiveness.

A news article noted that growing with the cloud will enable Thailand’s Digital Economy 4.0. The article notes that the Thailand 4.0 strategy is aligned with this new technology. It recognises the economic reality that underlies digital lifestyles and the digital transformation of industries and provides a blueprint for how the cloud will shape a digital and intelligent world.

Driven by the Thailand 4.0 strategy, the government and Thai enterprises will tap into the full potential of ICT to create e-government and e-enterprises. Ten to 20 years from now, Thailand will be an “intelligent country” powered by AI and other new technologies. ICT technologies will be mostly accessed via the cloud in this new, intelligent world. Services like AI, big data analytics, video analysis, and IoT platform management will be delivered as cloud services.

The article stated that investment in cloud computing will be a key driver for realising the goals of Thailand 4.0 and full digital transformation.

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