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Thailand ICT Minister to address 4G network development with NBTC

Thailand ICT Minister to address 4G network development with NBTC

It was recently announced that the Thailand Information and Communication Technology Minister Uttama Savanayana will bring up the case of fourth generation network development to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) telecom committee and NBTC Secretary-General.

There are more than 103 million mobile subscribers in Thailand. The existing 2300-megahertz spectrum in place can no longer satisfy the demand for greater modernization in Thailand. The government is proposing that the 4G network be built by TOT Plc, Thai state-owned telecom company.

These talks are expected to create greater collaboration between the ICT Ministry and NBTC. Moving towards an all-government network will spur greater management of the country’s spectrum and reallocation. Thus, allowing for a new revenue stream and greater opportunities in the mobile market.

However, a government centralised network is just the type of system which is drawing cyber terrorists to act.

The NBTC is looking to welcome bids for 1800MHz frequency licences at the second auction for 4G development, taking place on November 12th.  In order to abide by the regulations in Thailand, telecom providers must seek approval from the NBTC. They will then be able to develop a 4G network on the existing system in place. Yet, allowing TOT Plc to develop 4G would create an all

Aside from the bidding wars, this move to 4G development is thought to boost Thailand’s role as a regional hub for digital infrastructure.

NBTC has estimated that the government could receive over $2.06 billion USD from the upcoming auction. Thailand’s economy could use the support of a high-speed telecom system.

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