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Thailand is Ready for Digital ID

Thailand Digital ID
Image Credits: EDTA, Press Release

The National Digital ID Company Limited (NDID) has joined hands with key partners to hold a press conference for the signing of a cooperation agreement titled “We are ready for Thailand Digital ID“.

The agreement aims to bring Thailand to prove and confirm digital identity. It is a collaboration that is meant to develop a great digital ID with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) under the Ministry of Digital for Economy and Society (DES).

The Permanent Secretary for Ministry of DES presided over the opening ceremony on the morning of 14 November 2019.

It was noted that in this era, convenience through mobile devices is an important factor in addition to security. It is very important to prove and confirm one’s individual identity as the world places importance on creating confidence and facilitation at the same time.

Therefore, Digital ID is a service that should be the basis of electronic business transactions especially in Thailand which has a wide variety of online services.

The Director of ETDA stated that the Digital ID is service that is an important infrastructure for electronic transactions. Hence, it must be under the supervision of the Electronic Transactions Act.

The Act is one of ETDA’s seminal achievements and is a royal decree that specifies the regulatory details necessary for enabling consumers to have confidence in their service provider. It aims to support all technologies and new innovations, taking into account consumer protection.

The Digital ID works to protect personal information and is a system that was designed to be secure and comply with relevant international laws and practices. This is of crucial importance even during the design phase.

Experts believe that the Thai business sector is ready and alert in this regard and that, in the future, there will be more companies that do Digital ID platform.

The Acting President of the NDID revealed that the company has developed the NDID Platform to be an infrastructure system that supports the exchange of information between relevant departments.

The users, who are the owners of the data, must give consent before proceeding. The NDID system does not have a centralized data collection centre. Rather, data is collected decentralized under the agency responsible for the data and the system is designed under the concept of decentralisation.

The system employs blockchain technology to function; NDID’s blockchain data is the timestamp log of the transaction. The system acts as road that links various agencies to each other. It is secure, transparent and can be monitored easily.

During the Press Conference companies and members, including 10 pilot banking groups, securities company group and more than 20 life insurance companies, together with the National Credit Information Company Limited, the Office of the SEC have all expressed interest in becoming involved in the development of various services which will be provided by and through system.

In the past, there has been joint testing, verification and identity verification systems developed and deployed between members of more than 30 companies. Now it has passed its development phase is ready to serve Thailand’s citizens under the Bank of Thailand Regulatory Sandbox.

It was noted that the Digital ID will build peoples’ confidence in the system as it proves the work is correct, secure and in accordance with legal regulations for consumers.

The system marks the launch of an era of new innovations that are beneficial to all sectors, based on the consumer-centric principles which, in the structure of electronic identification and confirmation systems, are consistent and in line with the government’s Digital Platform concept.

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