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Thailand Launches All-in-One Public Services App

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Thai Government Application tag as “Tang Raat” app was recently signed by General Akanit Muensawat, Chairman of the State Administration Commission, and Anucha Nakasai, Minister Attached to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The mobile application, according to Minister Anucha, is a part of the 20-year national policy (2018–2037) to make critical government services accessible to all Thai citizens through the One Stop Service (OSS) network.

General Akanit said that the introduction of the “State Application” shows the government’s dedication to enhancing its offerings and making them easily accessible to the general population. Comprehensive and seamless delivery of all public services as well as the realisation of Thailand’s digital government that is ready for a post-pandemic world and upcoming challenges are made possible by such a campaign.

Experts and employees from seven government departments, including the Office of the Permanent Secretary, the Public Sector Development Commission, the Public Relations Department, the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, created the mobile application.

Users can directly contact the Dumrongtham centre in their respective provinces or its hotline 1111 by using the programme, which has a One Stop Service function integrated. Citizens can also get in touch with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, access numerous government services through the citizen portal website, pay their bills, and get important information about their benefits.

Meanwhile, to give COVID-19 patients faster care, the Ministry of Public Health is now providing online diagnosis and treatments via mobile applications. There has been a rise in COVID infection cases, according to the Ministry of Public Health, however, most patients only have minor symptoms like fever, coughing, and sore throats. These individuals received the appropriate therapies for their diseases and were then given permission to go home and practise self-isolation. Patients identified as being in the at-risk “608” group will be treated in the interim in accordance with medical advice.

By offering telemedicine through the “Good Doctor Technology” and “MorDee” programmes, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) has also increased the scope of its therapeutic services. Both apps allow patients covered by the universal health coverage programme to register and access online doctor diagnoses and treatments.

In anticipation of a rise in infection cases, particularly among vulnerable groups, public health professionals were instructed to streamline their processes to facilitate faster treatment. The Ministry predicts an increase in new cases, but it will probably keep the existing COVID warning level because the public is now more aware of how to protect oneself, such as by donning masks and engaging in social seclusion.

Furthermore, to establish Thailand as a regional medical hub, some Thai cities are among those receiving the highest healthcare rankings, according to a global cost of the living database. On Numbeo’s Health Care Index 2022 Mid-Year, Chiang Mai took the top rank, followed by Bangkok in third place and Pattaya in fourth, with Chiang Mai holding the top slot.

The quality of the healthcare system was polled by website visitors to determine these rankings. Due to its reduced cost of living, convenience, local culture, and high-quality public health system at an inexpensive price, Chiang Mai outranks other cities in terms of appeal to foreigners.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha thanked everyone in the country for making the country’s good health system well-known around the world. The government hopes that this change will help create more jobs, connect businesses, and help the country reach its goals for recovering from the pandemic.

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