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Thailand Launches ‘I Lert U’ App for Tourists Support

Image credits: thainews.prd.go.th

Using the “Tourist Police I Lert U” smartphone application, tourists in Thailand can contact the tourist police for assistance by submitting their contact information, incident details, and images to the War Room, where a tourist police officer is always on call around-the-clock.

The “Tourist Police I Lert U” mobile app has been released to give visitors a quick and simple way to get in touch with the police when they need help. The software is free to download from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS and is available in English and Thai.

The app is linked to the Tourist Police 1155 Emergency Response Centre, where foreign language assistance is provided by interpreters and translators. When someone needs help, they may use the app to take a photo of the issue and upload it to the Tourist Police, who will send officers right away.

The Royal Thai Police’s Tourist Police section is responsible for guaranteeing the security and welfare of visitors. With almost 1,900 personnel, the agency operates all around the kingdom, including in popular tourist locations like Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, and Chiang Mai.

Meanwhile, to transform Surat Thani Municipality’s old district into a smart city with improved economics, society, and environment, Surat Rajabhat University, a public university in Thailand, developed a participatory spatial mechanism. A creative and spatial drive mechanism for the old city has been developed by the university in partnership with the Surat Thani province.

By analysing issues and opportunities from all pertinent sectors, it is possible to suggest guidelines for transforming the economic, social, and environmental quality of Surat Thani Municipality’s old city into a smart city with the help of all pertinent sectors.

A “smart city” is one that makes use of cutting-edge, intelligent technology and innovation to boost management and service efficiency, as well as to lower costs and resource utilisation for the population and the target city.

Putting a focus on excellent design and the involvement of the private and public sectors in urban development. Creating a liveable, modern city that offers its residents a high standard of living and sustainable happiness falls under this concept.

The 20-year national strategy in the field of smart city development or the leading central city is to be implemented by the government in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 Driving Guidelines and the national development plan.

The National Research Office and the Regional Development Fund Administration and Management Unit both contributed funding to this study as part of the project. Plans and actions have been taken to conduct research under the following sub-projects:

  • The construction of a participatory spatial mechanism for the smart city transformation of Surat Thani Municipality’s ancient city;
  • The development of a service system and the offering of advice for smart tourism in the old city of Surat; and
  • Creating a mechanism for environmental management in the old city of Surat Thani Municipality to be a smart city.

Furthermore, Thailand’s first earth exploration satellite, Theos-2, has arrived after being put together in the United Kingdom and will be launched in the first few months of 2023. Theos-2 is a 100-kilogram satellite featuring GPS, magnetic field, and solar light intensity sensors, as well as cameras that can take one square meter-per-pixel high-resolution pictures of the globe.

The satellite is anticipated to give Thailand’s space programmes essential data and photographs once it is in orbit. The satellite is a component of a collaborative effort by four organisations to advance the nation’s aerospace and aviation sectors and strengthen its competitiveness in the international logistics, defence, and aerospace sectors.

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