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Thailand Locals to enjoy greater accessibility to policing services with new Mobile App

Thailand Locals to enjoy greater accessibility to policing services with new Mobile App

Royal Thai Police, The Crime Suppression Division on Technology Crime have released an application- Home Guard.


It is made available on both Google Playstore as well as the Apple Appstore. Users will only simply have to enter their registered mobile number and the app is ready for use.


In short, this app will serve as a medium for the public to provide feedback to the police as well as to easily seek for help from the police.

The advantages of this online application are plentiful.


Firstly, the app will allow users to easily report and appeal for help with just a smartphone instead of having go through the trouble to find a police station.

In addition, taking into account the other users, this app also ensures the easy location of the nearest police station by using the ‘Search by location’ feature of the app and immediately notify the police.


Secondly, having a radio communication system and chat feature will allow the locals to immediately reach the police in times of need. No charges will be incurred as well because this app makes use of internet signals.


Thirdly, since the app requires users’ authentication by specifying their mobile number as well as an identity card number, it will thus prevent misuse of the app, reports of inappropriate information and bullying.


Fourthly, it can also efficiently assign community volunteers to provide assistance to the user quickly.


Lastly, asides from the locals, the police department will also get to soak up the advantages that this app will bring about. It will ensure that there is system put in place to effectively track and subsequently organize the information and complains that they would receive.


Therefore, this assimilation of current technology into their policing service can definitely increase the security levels and improve the safety of the locals as it will increase the accessibility and efficiency at which the services are provided.


Ultimately, it would also help to strengthen the public participation for crime prevention as well as increase the recognition for the police force, for their efforts and commitment to serving the public. Thus this application can be concluded to be a win-win situation to both the local community and the Thai Police force!

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