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Thailand setting up start-up ecosystem at True Digital Park

Image Credits: ETDA, Press Release

Thailand’s True Digital Park has declared its readiness to become a centre for digital innovation in Thailand – the first and largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The Park’s aim is to encourage ASEAN start-ups and tech unicorns to help drive the digital economy of Thailand under the concept of “One Roof, All Possibilities – One place, every possibility”.

New workspaces were unveiled and are equipped with a complete ecosystem for start-ups and the new generation of digital operators. It is hoped that the centre will help to create digital innovation.

The centre is a response to the work of the digital age; to support the start-ups and tech communities in Thailand that are ready to launch partnerships with government agencies, companies and leading global organizations to push Thailand to become the hub of Southeast Asia.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) revealed that Thailand is ready to be the centre of new regional digital technology innovation. In 2018, Thailand was ranked 44th in 2018.

The nation stood out in regards to its market progress (Market Sophistication), knowledge and technology outputs and innovation efficiency ratio. As well as the Innovation Achievers.

However, Thailand still has very few successful start-ups compared to neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Therefore, True Digital Park is committed to creating the perfect ecosystem for start-ups and users, enabling them via more advanced systems and digital operations. Overall, this will lend strong support to the country’s potential for growth.

Moreover, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) aims to promote, support and develop Thai online transactions to be standard and reliable. It will also work to enabled Thai e-commerce to continue to grow both in value and volume.

In particular, the ETDA will promote and drive the creation of Digital Workforce, which will be an important force in helping the online entrepreneurs and the digital ecosystem to enable Thailand to be more competitive in business and grow sustainably.

True Digital Park will, therefore, be another area where ETDA will prepare various solutions for those interested in obtaining various advisory services related to the ETDA’s work.

The goal is to be a One-Stop Access Portal that provides service points. The main areas of work include the five issues that are the ‘soft infrastructure’ of the digital economy, namely:

  1. Online transactions e-Transactions and e-Commerce
  2. Digital ID
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Privacy
  5. Government Services

The One Stop Access Portal of ETDA will be a Digital Workforce Centre for those interested in developing potential, creating future skills as well as learning new skills, upskilling and reskilling to support business in the digital age.

In addition, the portal will act as a virtual and digital bridge between Digital Workforce and entrepreneurs. It will enable them to exchange experiences and knowledge and will also help match solutions to entrepreneurs to further business expansion.

The True Digital Park, located near the BTS Punnawithi Station, has opened for service in the first phase.

The ETDA will begin its services shortly with offices located on the 7th floor of the Z building, in the Innovation Space area.

It is expected that the new centre will be a source of new technology and knowledge-sharing between government agencies, companies and world-class organizations.

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