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Thailand to Boost Digital Technology in Agricultural Sector

Together with partners and digital service providers, the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) has presented some case studies promoting the application of digital technology in food production and aiming to create big data on the agriculture sector. Agriculture in Thailand is one industry that has benefited greatly from the implementation of digital solutions, particularly in the sector of livestock.

In addition to the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that can be used to support and enhance the agricultural sector were presented. Citing an irrigation management case study and various information on plant cultivation in greenhouses or water management in durian orchards that can be utilised in the Smart City project for urban development.

Recently, DEPA provides information for efficient farm management and the adoption of IoT technology for shrimp farms. The information that is acquired will allow for more efficient management of the water quality as well as lessen the damage caused by issues. Additionally, DEPA presented a massive database system as a big data platform for smart agriculture. This system has been pushed and supported by DEPA as part of the aid or subsidy measures for the growth of the structure.

Fundamentals of industrial development and digital innovation (DEPA Digital Infrastructure Fund for Private Investment), which is used through the application “Fah Fon” Mobile Application, which currently has over 170,000 users, will allow farmers to receive information about weather conditions that will affect farming, as well as the intelligent weather station “FAHFON SENSE,” which is simple to use and install. It can measure the weather, as well as light and pollution, which will make it possible for farmers to be aware of the weather conditions that can affect farming and locate a local weather station.

DEPA also discussed the promotion and support of farmers’ community businesses and agro-industry business operators. As a result of the actions taken to strengthen its vision, they prepare guidelines for encouraging the application of digital technology and innovation in the agricultural sectors and demonstrate to the international community the potential and readiness of digital technology and innovation entrepreneurs in Thailand.

“DEPA North and Below” boost Thai agriculture using digital coupons

Atthaphon Huaihongthong, the Branch Manager for the Lower Northern Region of DEPA, and Jirakon Sangpuang, the Senior Digital Economy Promoter, recently had a conversation with other local agencies in the country tackling the various ways in which farmers in the lower northern region might be promoted.

They provided additional information regarding the digital coupon measures that will be implemented for farmers in the lower northern region. They presented an overview of the steps involved in taking part in the Digital Coupon Program by way of the TECHHUNT platform and described several agriculturally relevant technologies.

Local agencies acknowledged the specifics and requirements for participating in the project under the digital coupon measure of DEPA, and they welcomed collaboration in publicising the project to achieve its goals and in line with the time frame.

Furthermore, the term “Agritourism” will be used to refer to the target demographic in these three provinces namely Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, and Kamphaeng Phet.

The application of technology and digital innovation to farmers is the main objective of DEPA and other local agencies, as is the establishment of operational guidelines that will encourage farmers in the region to comprehend and gain access to digital technology and innovation applications with a primary emphasis on the coordination and cooperation of the regional agricultural sectors.

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