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Thailand to Boost Digital Volunteer Networking

Image credits: mdes.go.th

Atcharin Pattanaphanchai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES), confirmed during the recently held “Project to Strengthen the Capacity of Digital Volunteer Networking for Executives” that the training of digital leaders will include a joint brainstorming session to develop a strategy to drive the digital economy of Thailand.

The goal of the DES kick-off training for Digital Volunteer Leaders is to bring together a group of digital people in the communities to join and help drive the mission to improve the digital knowledge of the citizens.

As digital leaders are now growing at the local level, this will be an important way to drive the economic and social development of society. This is a new generation of volunteers who want to know how to use technology in a digital world that is changing quickly.

The network of these digital pioneers includes particularly in remote places. It will assist in advising people at the community level to take advantage of the telecommunication infrastructure that the government has pushed to cover every village and community. DES identified that the most crucial thing is to educate people about the dangers of online fraud and one key mechanism for this is the ongoing creation of digital volunteers.

Likewise, DES aims to create a new generation with the volunteerism to help others in need, especially in distant locations where people lack an understanding of how to use the appropriate technologies and to suggest access to helpful government programmes through a smartphone app that many people can presently use to access a variety of services.

The training also aims to inform the provincial-level executives to acknowledge the policy and implement the government initiative for driving and building a network of digital leaders. The Ministry has been developing digital volunteers with the Digital Volunteer Development Course for building the appropriate competence of digital leaders.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Atcharin has visited the Betong Airport Aviation Meteorological Station and Yala Provincial Meteorological Station to listen to problems and provide operational policies. He wanted to ensure that operations are carried out in an orderly manner, with clear and unified guidelines for the development of aviation meteorology and operational standards and to be in the same direction throughout the country.

The Meteorological Department has continuously developed and expanded the scope of service of aviation meteorological information to cover all airports in the nation. Thus, the Betong Airport, which is in Yala Province -a newly established airport promotes and develops the tourism and economic potential of the district.

In addition, the agency has also procured and installed measuring instruments such as the Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) in accordance with international standards providing aeronautical meteorological information and enabling safe, long-term operation of aircraft during take-off and landing.

Furthermore, Col Dr Akarapol Bunyopatsadam, Inspector General, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society visited the government inspection area based on the government inspection plan of the Ministry. This is to encourage and listen to a summary of the key performance and other problems of the operations such as the project to upgrade the ICT learning centre into a digital community centre.

The visit inspection was part of the digital transformation of the country to ensure that the government initiatives of Thailand were seriously taken care of and executed according to the government’s plan.

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