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Thailand to Get AI-driven Managed Services Solution

Thailand AI Driven Services

The Thai branch of a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company recently signed a deal to implement an advanced, customer-centric network operations model in Thailand starting from January 2020.

The telecom will be working in collaboration with the third-largest GSM mobile phone provider in Thailand. The telecom will gain the provider’s network operations across the country with its Operations Engine, while the network provider retains the network’s strategic planning and the ownership of its assets.

The telecom’s Operations Engine, a data-driven approach powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), will enable the network provider to ensure next-generation connectivity and allow its customers to benefit from secure and reliable network performance as well as a constantly-improving user experience.

This agareement involves the transfer of around 400 experienced professionals to the telecom, who will continue to perform their current duties to ensure a seamless transition.

The of the network provider stated that the firm has made significant network improvements in 2019. By partnering with the telecom, the company will be able to deepen its focus on customer needs and behaviours while also remaining committed to developing a robust and fit-for-future network.

The firm has been partnering with the telecom company for nearly 10 years and is confident that this brings network modernization to the next level as the company prepares for 5G.

With increasing data traffic growth, automated network technology upgrades will boost the network provider’s competitivity via greater efficiency and network capabilities.

The telecom, on the other hand, is a global ICT leader investing approximately 18.5% of annual revenues in research and development over a variety of areas including 5G, AI and IoT; its solutions provide access to constant technology upgrades and improvements.

The Head of the Thailand branch of the telecom stated that extend their partnership with the network provider will is expected to reap great rewards. The company will leverage its global experience and use the latest tools and technologies in AI, automation and machine learning to leverage data-driven insights, enabling it to deliver enhanced performance focused on end-user experience.

In Thailand, the two companies have been working together since 2009 on 2G, 3G, 4G as well as the recent live 5G trials.

With a testbed at the network provider’s Never Stop Café, both companies showcased 5G use cases such as unmanned drones in smart cities, augmented reality (AR) technology and remotely-operated farming vehicles.

Moreover, the telecom’s Operations Engine is an end-to-end managed services operating model that creates sustainable differentiation as it evolves operations from being network-centric to user experience-centric.

It fundamentally changes our way of operating networks from reactive to proactive, leveraging data, automation and artificial intelligence.

Enabling Tech Firms to Boost the Digital Economy

The application of Industry 4.0 technologies in all spheres of life in Thailand will enable it to be more competitive in a world that is growing increasingly digital.

A part of Thailand’s strategy to do this is via the development of its Thailand Digital Valley in Chon Buri’s Sri Racha district.

The Digital Valley will firm up the country’s credentials as a hub of technology and innovation for potential investors; it is being developed out of a project formerly known as the Internet of Things (IoT) Institute, a core part of Digital Park Thailand in Chon Buri province.

The aim is for the valley to be a major incubation hub for local tech start-ups in critical sectors like agriculture tech, education tech, health tech and government tech.

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