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Thailand to Strengthen Digital Development Policy

The Executive Meeting of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society was presided over by Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES), and it was during this meeting that significant issues regarding monitoring progress in accordance with the directive for advancing the digital economy and based on the Prime Minister’s policy were discussed.

Also discoursed the rules for resolving issues with the Pracharat Internet Project, the High-Speed Internet Expansion Project, and other initiatives to enhance the regulatory policy framework and drive trunked radio communications to improve quality of life.

The meeting also encouraged government agencies to use an approved e-Meeting platform by recognising affiliated entities’ performances for their presentations at the APEC Climate Symposium, and other conferences or meetings such as the APCC Working Group Meeting, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC 2022).

On the other hand, Minister Chaiwut opened a seminar on the Employers Council of Thailand and spoke about the “Business Change in Digital Era” and how employers have adjusted themselves more quickly to keep up with the changes in the world because of the rapidly evolving digital technology.

It is anticipated that doing business globally will need to change in every way. However, it appears that since the previous Covid -19 outbreak, attitudes and behaviours have changed more quickly than anticipated in Thailand and throughout the world. As a result, the business model must change more quickly than anticipated.

Thailand’s infrastructure is currently ready, and people are familiar with and adept at using a variety of communication devices, including the internet and wireless mobile communication. Thus, companies must simultaneously adapt by implementing digital technology to transform their industries to increase opportunities and compete more effectively.

According to the Minister, for the business sector to become aware of the changes in digital technology that affect people’s way of life and ideas in society and business operations, they must also adjust their business operations. It needs to be adjusted to keep up with digital technology advancement as well as develop its own concept of using digital technology to cope with changes to increase opportunities and competitiveness.

In addition, Minister Chaiwut presided over the opening of the seminar to disseminate the findings of the Thailand Digital Outlook study project for the year 2022.

The event was organised by the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission (NHSO) in collaboration with ministry agencies such as the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (OBEC) and the National Statistical Office (NHSO).

Collected data on digital development indicators and statistics for Thailand’s economy and society has brought information for use in evaluating the country’s digital development. Thus, the NHSO’s Thailand Digital Outlook study programme is in its fourth year of researching the country’s digital indicators.

According to the International Framework for Economic Cooperation and Development, the survey discovered that most of the country’s digital indicators have improved across the board. The accessibility internet access among Thai households increased to 88.0 per cent in 2021, when NHSO surveyed data on Internet usage in all areas of the country. It covers the framework’s indicators.

The Digital Economy Outlook, as well as additional research in the context of indicators reflecting the Thai context, will provide Thailand with data that reflects the clear Digital Outlook of the nation and highlights Thailand’s digital development strengths.

Through data, the country will understand the problems, obstacles, and constraints that must be addressed as soon as possible. This will result to boost the digital economy of the nation for the benefit the whole country.

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