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Thailand Unveils Disaster Alert Channel

Image credits: thainews.prd.go.th

The government has teamed up with a popular messaging app to start a service that lets people know about disasters. With this feature, more people will be able to get emergency alerts quickly. The Thai Meteorological Department, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and the messaging app company all worked together to make this feature possible.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha said that the service will give people who live a digital lifestyle another way to get timely notifications. When users add the messaging app, they will start getting news and updates in case of a disaster.

In case of an emergency, on the other hand, the service will also give helpful information like emergency numbers, a list of nearby hospitals, disaster-prone areas, and how to prepare. The government hopes that this new service will cut down on deaths and damage to property.

When the Memorandum of Understanding is signed, people will feel confident that they will get timely and accurate warnings about disasters. Lessen the damage that will be done to people and their homes. As the climate changes, things are getting worse.

Last year, Thailand and the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) put into use a new system called ThaiAWARE for early warning and monitoring of hazards. The system has helped Thailand’s disaster managers make better decisions and has helped protect the country’s 70 million people and the millions of tourists who visit Thailand every year.

Early warning is a very important job that has been shown to save lives and cut down on damage from disasters. Because of the effects of climate change, especially in Thailand, the nation can expect more disasters.

ThaiAWARE provides real-time, dynamic information from both international and domestic sources to people who make decisions. It also has the most advanced multi-hazard exposure modelling capabilities in the world on a single platform.

This all-inclusive system gives Thailand’s disaster managers the ability to act quickly, which means they can help people more quickly. The nation believes that a faster response means a better response with less damage and faster recovery.

Meanwhile, the Thai government and top business leaders are optimistic about the economy’s future after the pandemic. This is because exports and tourism are showing signs of coming back, and there are new economic directions that will help Thailand move into new chapters in a sustainable way.

At the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) annual flagship event with the theme “Thailand Focus 2022: The New Hope,” Minister of Finance Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Bank of Thailand Governor Dr Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput, and other top business leaders spoke to boost confidence in Thailand’s economy.

Atip Asvanund, Director of the Digital Council of Thailand cited that the nation would become a new place for professional expats after the 10-year waiver of capital gains tax for startups, which will bring startups back from Singapore, and the 10-year Long Term Resident Visa. The good news is that the government is working on ways to make it easier for freelancers to find work.

They will also figure out how to bring in expats who are good with computers. These initiatives help both foreigners who want to work in Thailand and Thai professionals who work for a foreign country.

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