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Thailand’s Chulalungkorn University to give its students digital edge through mobile app

Thailands Chulalungkorn University to give its students digital edge through mobile app

An announcement
made by The Nation highlighted how digital edge will be provided for the
students, the faculty and the staff of the Chulalungkorn University through
the CU Nex application. Developed in collaboration with the Kasikorn Bank
(KBank), the CU Nex app provides convenience and access to knowledge with its

Chulalongkorn University, in collaboration
with the KBank, developed an application that would usher in its transformation
to becoming a digital university or what they call, Chula New.

CU Nex is an application-based system that
will boost the communication at the institution as well as support the digital
lifestyle of students.

Chulalongkorn University President Dr
Bundhit Eua-arporn said that the university aims to become a digital university
thereby transforming itself into a Chula New by providing the students, the academics
and other staffs to communicate through the CU Nex app.

The CU Nex application is a single-portal
platform which supports smart classrooms. It offers Massive Online Open
Courseware (MOOC) that allows students to access knowledge within the app. Through
the Cu Nex app, students will be able to communicate with teaching and
administration staff.

Dr Bundhit said, “Chulalongkorn University
will allow students, professors and other employees to easily connect and
transfer knowledge via an online and learning management system (LMS).”

He explained, “Students will be able to
access knowledge such as e-books and check their schedules and classrooms via the
application. I think that we are providing an application that creates
convenience to support the lifestyles of students.”

He added, “It will also enhance literacy
skills, competency skills and the character quality of Chulalongkorn's students
and give them a digital edge.”

He furthered that the university, through
the CU Nex app, will allow students to order transcripts, to conduct QR code
cashless payments, to use 3D map, to access schedule, and to check the status
of arrival times for shuttle bus routes in the campus, in the near future.

Moreover, the university will also lay down
infrastructure such as a Wi-Fi network to support students on the campus. 

Blockchain technology will also be used by
the university to manage important university documents. This fully represents
the advantage of having digital technology that supports the learning culture
of the digital generation.

Kasikorn Bank President Ms Kattiya
Indaravijaya said that through the collaboration with Chulalongkorn University,
the bank is able to provide technology that will create solutions thereby
increasing management efficiency and enhancing the digital knowledge base
available to students and employees.

Furthermore, it is also able to help create
an environment that facilitates the experience of learning and living in the
digital era.

Dr Bundhit said that the expected number of
Chulalungkon University students who will download the app by the end of the
year will be 90% of the population.

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