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Thailand’s Ministry of Labour announces new digital academy

Image Credits: The Bangkok Post, News Article

The Ministry of Labour launched the Digital Skill Development Academy (DISDA), a newly established unit that will oversee digital skill development for the workforce; and a new DSD application via an event entitled “Building Thailand Digital Workforce”.

During the event, DISDA, in collaboration with the Thailand arm of a Chinese multinational technology company kicked off the first seminar entitled “Enhance Business and Industry with Digital Technology Skill Development,” to share knowledge with over 100 entrepreneurs on the latest IT technologies and exchange visions on the demand for digital workforce development.

The event was a response to the serious need to develop more and more skilled workers, especially as investors from S-curve industries arrive in the country, in line with the government’s Industry 4.0 policy.

The Ministry of Labour is introducing a series of initiatives to ensure the country’s ability to supply the needs of the labour market in the near future. Its key objective is to bring down the unemployment rate and raise the standard of living through sustainable development.

Thailand will soon launch the Digital Skill Development Academy (DISDA), a learning institution that will provide digital skills training programs and courses for young Thais who would like to enter the digital workplace.

It was noted that the Ministry and the private sector will work together to create a healthy digital labour ecosystem through on-the-job training to drive the country’s Digital Thailand policy.

With the increasing demand from S-curve industries, the Ministry is ready to support the National Strategy, prioritising digital labour development to prepare Thailand for a fully digital society.

At the Academy, young professionals will learn from top industry experts who will share their experience and expertise to prepare them to be part of the digital economy. Practical skills workshops, specialized training courses and leadership seminars will be integrated into the curriculum to encourage young minds to generate new ideas and launch digital projects.

Leveraging the latest digital thinking skills, DISDA courses will also promote teamwork and collaborative work ethics that are essential for real-life work scenarios.

In addition, the launch of the Department of Skill Development’s new DSD app was also announced. It offers all services of the department under one platform.

Key features include training courses, labour skill standards, download of e-certificate or diploma, certifications, Skill Development Promotion Act, a newsroom, contacts, FAQs, and more. The application is now available for download on app stores and will soon be available on the tech company’s Mobile Service’s App Gallery.

Currently, Thailand is undergoing a digital transformation and the need for a workforce that can deliver the competencies for a healthy digital ecosystem.

Prof Dr Narumon Pinyosinwat, a government spokeswoman stated, “we would like to fuel the tech world with a workforce that is creative, innovative and inspired. Partnering with industry movers will ensure that we are producing industry-ready talent through programs aligned with the needs of the industry,” she explained.

“Our strategy is to support digital workforce development, whether it is through centres of learning such as DISDA, or seminars for targeted audience groups. Through skills development, we would like to improve the employability of young people to ensure Thailand’s readiness for the digital economy.”

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