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Digital Programmes to Better Online Education in the Philippines

With COVID-19 still closing schools across the country, millions of Filipino students were forced to stay at home and adapt to digital learning. A Philippine senator and digital learning champion addressed these issues head-on in a recent interaction.

As the son of two former public-school teachers, the senator has long been a strong supporter of quality education and believes that interventions to improve digital learning are particularly important in the current climate. He cited a study on the potential for learning loss as a result of school closures and remote learning. The long-term impact on the children may have an impact on their competitiveness and work performance in the future.

In a special video of a leading network’s programme, he carefully describes to today’s generation of home-based students why it is crucial to stay at home while the pandemic continues. Even though learning does not stop even when children are not physically present in school, he encourages them to participate in the learning programme of a leading network in the nation.

The digital programme is a unified platform of the company that elevates education to 21st Century Learning through programmes and solutions that enable the new learning ecosystem for students, teachers, parents, and local government units. It is founded on three pillars: affordable connectivity, accessible platforms, and a safer learning environment. As part of the recently launched programme, the company makes affordable internet available to all through offers that make digital learning accessible. It also has compensated and free platforms to help educators and students continue their education.

Part of the platforms that can be accessed for free are: an E-Library, DepEd Commons, Commission on Higher Education’s Phil-Connect and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Online Programme.

The network company’s Head of Small, Medium Business Group went on to say that inclusivity means looking at the different facets of the learning journey and providing platforms that encompass what a learning experience should be.

The internet is a great equalizer.  To make the digital programme very inclusive, one big part of it is our robust network improvements nationwide to reach all corners of the country and enable people from all walks of life to continue learning.

– Head of Small, Medium Business Group

OpenGov Asia reported that the Philippines’ leading network provider has partnered up with one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines to provide educators, parents, and students with access to highly engaging programmes and affordable digital solutions, ensuring that learning never stops. The company has recently launched its latest learning platform, the unified, company-wide platform aimed at assisting the country in achieving 21st Century Learning, to make education stakeholders feel more optimistic about the upcoming school year. The network provider hopes that the initiative will help to shape a brighter future for the industry.

The learning platform is a valuable resource for everyone seeking to further their education and open doors to a brighter future. It promotes continuous learning and helps to close digital gaps in the country’s education landscape by providing access to connectivity solutions, learning platforms, and solutions.

“It is our commitment to work with the whole education sector to bring forth everyone’s aspiration for better education, ensuring that learning never stops for all, wherever they are, regardless of their status. This is the heart of the learning platform – our network provider unified initiative to bring together products, programmes, services, and solutions that will empower the whole learning ecosystem.” said the company’s Head of Small, Medium Business Group.

The leading network is a strong advocate of quality education, one of the 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that the company has committed to supporting, one of which is UN SDG No. 4 which aims to provide equitable and quality education to all, especially to those most in need. In line with the new normal, the company pushes for digital learning by providing connectivity to learners and teachers

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