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The Philippines’ DICT launches E-Government Masterplan 2022

Photo: Credit: Department of Information and Communications Technology

The Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is on its third year of fulfilling its mission to establish a one digitised government.

As such, it recently launched the E-Government Masterplan (EGMP) 2022.

The E-Government Masterplan 2022

According to a recent press release, EGMP 2022 is a blueprint of the DICT’s plans for integrating an interoperable government ICT network and systems.

The objective of the initiative is to promote open governance through digital transformation of basic services.

The launching of the E-Government Masterplan 2022 marks another milestone in the third year of DICT.

Through the EGMP, the government is expected to strategize how processes can be simplified; to help make access to accurate information faster and less costly; and to deliver services with more transparency and greater accountability.

Moreover, the EGMP 2022 aims to provide more efficient and cost-effective public services to citizens and businesses.

These will be achieved by optimising government operations through an improved organisational and inter-governmental coordination, by streamlining procedures, by enhancing the government workforce’s ICT capacity, and by engaging citizens.

The EGMP 2022, together with parallel ICT plans of the government, will make operations more efficient.

Additionally, the government will be more equipped in implementing an interoperable e-Government within their respective agencies.

The EGMP 2022 Implementation

The National Government Portal (NGP) will act as the EGMP’s frontline program.

This will provide users with an easy access to government services, whether internally to government employees, or between government agencies, or with external clients.

Once the National Government Portal is completed, the next step is to target the bandwidth allocation for high speed internet connection, which is being addressed by the National Broadband Program (NBP).

The EGMP 2022 succeeds after the E-Government Masterplan 2013-2016. The successor was developed from the contribution of different government agencies and industry partners.

MoA on blockchain

In other news, the Department has partnered with a US-based blockchain company for the utilisation of blockchain technology in forwarding the government’s national ICT development agenda.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was by DICT Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. and the company’s CEO.

The MoA will entail collaboration efforts in enhancing capacity development and institution building on the effective use of blockchain technology.

According to the Acting Secretary, this partnership will directly benefit their continuous effort to address the country’s issues on ease of doing business and cybersecurity.

Under the MOA, the blockchain company will provide complimentary courtesy consultation, advice, cost-benefit, and socio-economic analysis on the use of blockchain technology in the Philippines.

For its part, the Department will assist the company on blockchain technology information dissemination and capacity building activities.

Similarly, the Department of Trade and Industry also signed a MoA with the same US-based blockchain company.

OpenGov Asia earlier reported on The Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry signs MoA on blockchain.

Through this partnership, the government will be more equipped with information on the potentials and impact of blockchain technology in doing business in the Philippines.

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