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The Philippines’ SSS Launches Online Learning Platform

Image credit: www.sss.gov.ph

The Philippines’ Social Security System (SSS) now offers an online learning platform to all members, employers, and other stakeholders to learn about the benefits and services of the pension fund.

The SSS said that the “ExpreSSS e-Learning (ExSSSeL) Portal”, represents a milestone in the pension fund’s digital transformation efforts. The agency realised that online services and transactions are now part of the COVID-19 new normal. They find ExSSSel more effective in reaching out to more members across the country and keeping them updated on the latest developments in benefit programmes and services since existing community quarantine measures restrict people from conducting face-to-face learning sessions in various offices, companies, and other organisations.

Through the ExSSSeL Portal, SSS members and interested individuals can learn about the different policies, programmes, and updates without the need to gather in a single venue for a training session.

Members can choose among the five training modules available in the learning portal, namely:

  • Module 1 on sickness benefit
  • Module 2 on maternity benefit,
  • Module 3 on unemployment benefit
  • Module 4 on disability benefit
  • Module 5 on salary loan

Interested individuals can access the ExSSSeL Portal homepage and select their preferred topic among the five modules. Once they chose a module, a registration form will appear. Participants need to fill up the registration form to start their selected module. The participant’s complete name, valid e-mail address, company name, and the nearest SSS branch or their servicing branch should also be provided. Participating employers should indicate the number of employees represented and may also register in multiple modules.

At the end of each module, the participant will find a link for the post-module examination. It will help them gauge how much they learned. If they failed the test, the agency advises them to restudy the module and retake the said exam. Participants can study the module at their own pace as access to the portal is available 24/7. Members may also open multiple modules simultaneously.

Now, a total of 23,738 participants have already viewed the five modules in the ExSSSeL Portal. Nearly 60% or 14,231 of the total participants have completed at least one module and took the post examination.

As part of the learning process, SSS will be issuing e-certificates to participants upon completion of any of the modules, if they obtain a passing rate of at least 80% in the post-examination conducted at the end of each module. As of April 27, 2021, the SSS had already recorded a total of 71,491 visitors to the said portal.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, the SSS has asked the transacting public to use its online channels such as the My.SSS Portal of the SSS website, SSS Mobile App, Text-SSS, and other electronic payment channels, after announcing that it is reducing its operational capacity to 50% in all its branches and offices located in areas under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

Other online services such as inquiry on contribution and loan records, the status of benefit claims, and eligibility for benefits programmes are available through the My.SSS Portal, SSS Mobile App, and Text-SSS. Members may also use the My.SSS Portal and SSS Mobile App to view their membership information and addresses of SSS branches, generate Payment Reference Numbers (PRNs) for contributions, and view the list of PRN payments.

The decision to cut operational capacity covers the SSS Main Office, all branches in the National Capital Region (NCR), as well as provincial branches included in the country’s recent lockdown.

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