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U.S. Launches BEARS Locator for Public Services

To assist people in locating government benefits and services catered to significant life events, the US government recently established a new online locator tool known as the Benefits Eligibility Awareness Resource Service (BEARS).

The loss of a loved one is the first life-event covered by BEARS. A person can utilise the locator to determine the benefits they could be qualified for, such as survivor payments, military funerals, and housing assistance, after losing a family member. They will receive a personalised list of prospective federal benefits from several agencies after responding to a few straightforward questions, and they will learn how to apply.

The government is gathering data now that BEARS is accessible to the public to understand how users engage with it and make any required modifications. It will use the data to monitor traffic to BEARS to determine how and when people are using it, validate and iterate on the content and design based on survey feedback and user testing exercises.

To apply those lessons to add more benefits and life events in both English and Spanish and collaborate with agency partners that manage and administer federal benefits to ensure that the best information is presented for each programme. Moreover, at the Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS), technology professionals, providers, stakeholders, and other specialists gathered to explore the range of IT resources accessible to providers. The DHITS 2022 focused on clinical care, revolutionising health care delivery, and utilising the power of data.

With this, the Defense Health Agency (DHA), which provides support to more than 400 military hospitals and clinics around the globe, is concentrated on creating modernised tools to improve treatment for Military Health System (MHS) patients.

For physicians to keep track of patients’ medical records, digitally interact with them, and strengthen their relationship with care, as well as training programmes for ongoing education, DHA offers several services.

To deliver the best care, it’s essential to have safe access to a patient’s whole medical record. MHS GENESIS, the new federal electronic health record for the Department of Defense, tracks transitions made by service members, retirees, and their families inside the MHS.

Additionally, when a recipient attains veteran status, their records will eventually shift to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The information recorded on a patient’s electronic health record will accompany them wherever they go during their career.

An online appointment could be more convenient for some beneficiaries. Service members and their families can obtain care whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them thanks to MHS Video Connect, which enables healthcare professionals to easily interact with patients over secure, live video.

In addition, patients who are seeking treatment for mental health issues, managing minor diseases, attending follow-up consultations, or updating prescriptions can benefit from online appointments. Providing patients with more practical options might also result in fewer missed visits.

The Joint Knowledge Online serves as the MHS’s enterprise learning management system to maintain training. The programme seeks to consolidate the majority of online military health instruction in one place. Providers within the MHS have access to online training to further their professional military and medical education. Providers may significantly contribute to the transition of military medical care into the digital age if the MHS community continues to embrace technology as part of their practice and learning.

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