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UN-based computer to be integrated in Vietnam’s education system for national examinations

UN based computer to be integrated in Vietnams education system for national examinations

Earlier this week, the Vietnam Government decided it will be using computers in the distribution of national exams.

Previously, only 500 national pilot schools implemented the computer-based exam (UNBK). However, this year as many as 4,468 schools will hold the national examination using the computer.

Currently, there are 120 schools that are still in the process of clarification, thus the number of schools participating in this initiative is expected to rise. In total, approximately 929,036 students will be involved.

In the near future, UN improvements to this initiative will take place and as many as 69,690 students have signed up.

Previously, when schools conducted national exams, issues regarding academic and integrity had been problems plaguing the system. Because of this, the UN has prepared and will address these problems in their improvement programme that is to come.

The Minister of Education and Culture (Education), Anies Baswedan, hopes that a change of the mentality in the world of education can be realized, where honesty is a basic and important aspect.

“(We would like to) raise the integrity of the index (and students) do not have to cheat, stop cheating. We hope that, this being our joint campaign to restore integrity as a priority, "said Minister of Education.

On this occasion, the Education Minister also symbolically handed over a list of schools the results they have obtained for a national examination and the index integrity of each district/city.

According to the Minister, this list is supposed to be the material to be referenced to when conducting review in each electoral area.

With increased efforts to transform the education system to a more efficient and fair one, we can expect that the education system of Vietnam is definitely on its climb to a better and more transparent one.

Image from Charles ChanCC BY ND 2.0

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