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Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Engineering collaborates with Keio University on Cybersecurity

An announcement made
by the Universitas Indonesia highlighted the collaboration of its Faculty of Engineering
with Keio University
regarding cybersecurity activities.

The cyber
domain has become the most susceptible ecosystem because of the various threats
and increasing number of attacks happening lately.

cybercrime is considered to be one of the biggest risks to industries and
governments all over the world.

Data breach is
a cybercrime which may expose and steal sensitive information. Effects of such
include damaged reputation and damage to intellectual property resulting in the
loss of competitive edge.

is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software
and data, from cyberattacks. It is employed by enterprises to protect against
unauthorised access   to data centres and other computerised computer

Systemic effort
is needed like a local, regional or even global multilateral partnership to
face this kind of dynamic. An example would be to have an intensive interaction
with various researchers who are experts in cybersecurity, coming from
different universities and research institutions.

Initiatives on
cybersecurity should be supported by industries and governments through
strengthened communications and partnerships.

The Faculty of
Engineering of the Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) signed a Memorandum of
Agreement (MoA) with Keio University in Japan on 29 March 2018. Dr Ir. Hendri
DS. Budiono, M.Eng, Dean of FTUI and Prof Jun Murai, Keio University Dean of
Graduate School of Media and Governance signed the MoA at the Keio University,
Mita Campus, in Tokyo.  

The MoA signing
occurred during the two-day annual conference and symposium on Cybersecurity at
the Keio University. The conference was from 29 – 30 March 2018. The following
were present to witness the event: Mr Arifin Tasrif, the Indonesia Ambassador
to Japan, and Professor Akira Haseyama, President of Keio University.

The symposium
was attended by cybersecurity experts from various industries and university
partner representatives. Participants shared their thoughts on recent updates and
innovations in technology and cybersecurity policy all over the world. Various
initiatives and developments done in the academic and research industry
regarding cybersecurity were also disclosed.

University, in Japan, established by Yukichi Fukuzawa in 1858, is one of the
oldest universities in the country. It played an important contribution to the
birth of the internet technology and IoT, 25 years ago. Professor Jun Murai was
named as “The Father of Internet in Japan” by the Widely Integrated Distributed
(WIDE) Project
in 1985.

On 1 November 2016, Keio University’s International
Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (INCS-CoE) started academic collaboration
in cybersecurity research with famous universities in the United States,
England, and Japan as well as with industry and government parties.

The FTUI delegation was represented by Dean of FTUI Dr Ir. Hendri DS. Budiono, Prof Dr-Ing.
Kalamullah Ramli, M.Eng,  and Dr Muhammad Salman, ST, MIT from the Computer
Engineering study program of DTE-FTUI.

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