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University of Indonesia widens transport option with e-scooters

Photo Credit: e27

Students from the University of Indonesia now have an additional transportation option within their campus, which would require less effort as they transfer from one building to another.

According to a recent report, an electronic scooter service is being made available for students as the University and a ride-hailing app have recently launched the initiative.

How does it work?

Dubbed as a green mobility solution at the university campus in Depok, users can access the service by downloading the beta app on their smartphones during the pilot period.

Once installed, the students can go to the nearest parking station, found at select locations within the campus, and unlock the e-scooter by scanning the barcode with the app.

Once the user has reached their destination, the app will navigate them to the nearest parking station in order to return the e-scooter.

The pilot period will reportedly focus on educating users on safety riding behaviours via in-app messages. The users they will be strongly reminded to wear a helmet as a crucial safety feature.

Moreover, a special team will be assigned by the company to help with technical issues during this period.

The service has been launched in several major locations in Jabodetabek and has received positive responses.

Hopefully, the same response will be given now that it has arrived at the University.

Benefits of the initiative

Confidently, the green mobility solution will help address the needs of the students, lecturers and all of the University academics for practical and environmentally friendly transportation options that will get them around campus.

The University is committed to providing the best transportation facilities available for the campus environment.

Having the e-scooter facility is in line with the mission of developing an IT-based environment.

This service is the perfect example of an IT-based transportation service that will provide a good start in offering a choice of environmentally-friendly transportation services.

At the same time, the initiative will ensure a healthy lifestyle for all of the University academics.

May this collaboration with the company continue to foster the students’ spirit of research and innovation in order to further advance the nation through technological innovation.

Previous collaborations

The University and the ride-hailing app first collaborated in May 2019 through the UI Works Accelerator Program, which seeks to support education, research, and community services at the University.

OpenGov Asia earlier reported on Partnership to accelerate Indonesian start-ups.

In this project, the ride-hailing app is a strategic partner in nurturing the start-ups that are focused on technology, medical, and social fields.

The Accelerator Program is divided into three phases: Pre-Accelerator, Accelerator, and Demo Day.

The company fully supports the creation of jobs, increasing the capacity of local talents in the field of information technology, technopreneurship, and technology innovation.

OpenGov Asia has also recently reported on Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism partners to boost tourism through technology.

The Ministry of Tourism partnered with the ride-hailing app to launch a breakthrough innovation that involves the three-wheeler transportation, called bajay, to boost the tourist experience and provide more transportation options for locals and visitors alike.

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