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Using security metrics to drive action in Asia Pacific

Today’s cybersecurity challenges are more complex than ever before. Technologies like Development Containers, Cloud, BYOD, and BYOA have greatly complicated the security team’s ability to understand all of the potential IT attack surface. And while you may have the budget dollars to invest in new cyber technologies, the size and workload of your security team is a key gating issue. The core foundation of a successful cybersecurity program requires that you understand all of the IT assets operating against your environment, both inside and outside of your network, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and continuously assess and measure risk.

Explore this this e-book to help develop and communicate security metrics in your own organization. And in follow-on parts of this series, you can find additional market research on our website that you will find compelling and useful when communicating the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program to your C-suite and Boards.


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