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Victoria, Australia strengthens defence and tech sector

Funding from the Victorian Government has made it possible for a Victorian technology to create jobs at home.

According to a recent press release, this technology is used on the frontlines in the fight against terror around the world by detecting traces of inorganic materials which can be used to make home-made explosives.

Detecting inorganic explosives at the border

Analysing swabs within 40 seconds, the device detects inorganic explosives and is being evaluated by authorities around the world.

They are looking into ultimately using it at airports, train stations and major events with demand growing.

The Port Melbourne company is working towards contracts with international security agencies including in the United States and across the globe as it grows both its world-leading reputation and workforce.

As it expands, the company will produce around 2,000 ETD devices at its new Port Melbourne high-volume facility, creating 25 jobs with plans for a further 60 in coming years.

Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade Martin Pakula recognised the company as a Victorian success story.

State Government support

The Victorian Government has backed the company through its Future Industries Manufacturing Program.

A total of 65 projects have won support through this program, creating 738 jobs across the state.

The State Government is proud of their part in creating 25 jobs in Melbourne and being able to export the world-class detection technology to the world.

Currently, the company is already exporting to 23 clients in six countries. Additionally, it also engages with 31 Victorian companies.

The company’s success emphasises the state of Victoria’s diverse and rapidly growing defence industry.

To highlight, Victoria’s defence sector employs more than 18,500 people in 770 businesses, which contribute AU$ 8 billion to the State’s economy each year.

Victoria is recognised globally for its ability to develop new technologies that advance Victoria’s manufacturing industry and create jobs now and into the future.

The state is very supportive of the best home-grown products to create jobs and keep people safe.

The Chairman of the company shared that the project will enable them to develop an end-to-end production facility that will produce up to 2000 inorganic ETD devices annually.

Having its own facility is very beneficial for the company as it will also allow them to employ more Victorians.

French companies to open HQ in Melbourne

In other news, two French companies will establish their headquarters in Victoria, further strengthening the business ties between the two economies and creating highly skilled jobs in both the technology and renewable energy sectors.

The Minister for Economic Development Tim Pallas announced the investments from the two companies during the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Breakfast.

He shared that this serves as a vote of confidence for the strength of the State’s innovation sectors, strong economy and capacity for growth. It also entails more jobs.

These two investments will be creating 65 new jobs for the State.

The French Tech company will set up its Australian head office in Melbourne in order to help increase brand awareness and drive sales in Australia and New Zealand.

Additionally, it will create up to 50 new FTE jobs over five years, which will be primarily responsible for designing and building products and delivering project management services to assist with its customers’ digital transformation.

Meanwhile, a global renewable energy company will relocate its Asia Pacific HQ from Singapore to Melbourne.

This will be their second largest office outside of Paris, which will lead all new project development for the region, creating 15 new jobs.

Why Melbourne?

Victoria is home to a diverse range of successful and innovative French businesses. It is a leading destination, very attractive and competitive within the technology environment.

The tech company chose Melbourne as the location for their Australian head office because Victoria provides an extraordinary culture with a high education level and talented workforce.

 The renewable energy company, meanwhile, chose Melbourne as their HQ for many reasons.

One of which is its proximity to all major banking and finance corporations, access to a highly educated and talented workforce as well as its diverse and exciting culture.

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