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Vietnam introduces virtual assistant platform

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), on 25 September, introduced a Vietnamese virtual assistant platform, developed by the Army Telecommunication Industry Corporation (Viettel). Named the Viettel Cyberbot, the platform aims to help businesses automate customer care processes based on Vietnamese language processing technologies.

According to a press release, the Viettel Cyberbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to understand the messages that customers want to convey. It automatically improves the system based on real interactions. The platform also helps businesses build an automatic switchboard system by interacting with customers by message (chatbot) or by voice (callbot).

The virtual assistant uses language processing and can help the callbot’s voice sound natural, almost like a real human voice. A distinctive feature of the Viettel Cyberbot is the combination of speech processing technologies with Vietnamese natural language processing technology at the same time.

Specifically, in each communication with users, the system can simultaneously handle speech recognition, guess customers’ intent, process information, and answer customers. It creates a complete solution that is fully applicable and flexible according to real situations.

Viettel Cyberbot is expected to help businesses optimise up to 40% of their customer care resources while improving the customer’s experience and satisfaction. The developers are seeking ways to improve Viettel Cyberbot into a comprehensive Vietnamese virtual assistant platform to be deployed as an independent customer care switchboard system without the need for an internal switchboard.

The launch of Viettel Cyberbot is part of a series of events to introduce “Make in Vietnam” digital platforms in the realisation of the National Digital Transformation Program by 2025, with a vision to 2030, as approved by the Prime Minister.

In August, MIC debuted the akaChain blockchain platform, developed by Vietnam’s largest tech firm. It supports enterprises in quickly building their business network systems and distributed applications using blockchain technology. It shortens the time spent on several tasks like electronic-know your customer (eKYC), credit scoring, customer loyalty programs, and origin tracing. Soon, it will be further developed for strengthened security and transparency.

In Vietnam, early research and application of this technology will be an opportunity for the country to actively keep pace with the development of the global economy. With the potential of blockchain, it is likely that soon these technical applications will dramatically transform lives.

Earlier this month, OpenGov Asia reported on the Viettel AI Open Platform, an AI platform, developed by Viettel. The platform provides platform technologies using AI to help automate, optimise, and efficiently operate organisations and businesses via the world’s most advanced techniques. The platform is currently focusing on areas such as Vietnamese speech processing technology, Vietnamese natural language processing technology, and computer vision technology.

Vietnamese enterprises have gradually mastered core technologies and developed technology platforms for digital transformation. MIC created an initiative to weekly launch Vietnamese platforms to honour and promote Vietnamese ICT products. So far, dozens of platforms have been launched.

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