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Vietnam Launches E-Government Information Sharing and Monitoring System

Vietnam E Government Information Sharing and Monitoring System
Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) launched a system to serve e-government development in Vietnam, last month.

It will help monitor and analyse information to detect possible threats and warn the relevant ministries, agencies, and localities to ensure network security for e-governance.

Up until now, there have been 31 ministries, sectors, and localities that have successfully connected to the National Cyber Security Monitoring Centre, MIC said.

After a 6-month trial period, when it is officially put into operation, the system will be expanded nationwide.

Currently, MIC is focusing on promoting the development of Vietnam’s network information security products and businesses. Solutions and services of enterprises will be connected and shared on the system, laying the foundation for the development of e-government, smart cities, and national key information systems.

The launch of Appnews Vietnam. Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

Speaking at the launch, the MIC Minister, Nguyen Manh Hung, said that cyberspace is an important part of Vietnam’s future and ensuring cybersecurity is crucial to help the country prosper.

He also said that cybersecurity is a basic condition and a vital factor for national digital transformation. It is needed to develop a digital government, digital economy, and digital society.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Duc Dam, highly praised the cooperation of the MIC and other units in the development of the IT industry, including the field of information security.

Network security is an indispensable part of IT development. The investment rate for information security only accounts for less than 5% of total investment capital for an ICT project in Vietnam, compared to the global average rate of 15%-20%.

According to him, like many other countries, Vietnam has no choice but to promote the development of IT, by implementing IT in all areas of social life, especially in the context of Industry 4.0.

In spite of its investment capital, the country ranked 50th on the Global Cybersecurity Index (CGI) rankings in 2018, up 50 places from a year earlier, according to a report by the International Telecommunications Union.

The government recently launched an application platform for online newspapers and magazines called Appnews Vietnam.

The development and launch of the Appnews Vietnam platform aim to provide press agencies with new technological applications, a move towards the modernisation of the Vietnamese press.

Appnews Vietnam provides practical solutions in line with press agencies, with many built-in tools such as user management, advertising, content management system, and a banking interface.

Also, the platform will be constantly updated with new features, notably the artificial intelligence (AI) mechanism, text-to-speech, and push notification even without the Internet, as well as many others that can help press agencies operate under the model of modern editorial offices.

According to the Director of the Press Department, Appnews Vietnam will contribute to increasing the revenue and the number of readers for newspapers and magazines as well as boosting the digital transformation process of the country.

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