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Vietnam opens largest technology centre at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

Vietnam opens largest technology centre at Hoa Lac Hi Tech Park

A new technology centre opened at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park just this past week in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The technology centre is 2.1 hectares and it was built with an investment of USD$27 million.  

This is the largest technology centre of its kind in Vietnam. It will cover research, manufacturing, and assessment on technology.  It aims to bring together national and foreign scientists to work on collaborative programmes in their field.

With this, the centre is able to host up to 200 scientists that will be tasked to help Vietnam design and manufacture innovative technologies such as mechanical devices, electronic boards, and energy-saving chips.

The different advanced technologies which can be discovered at the centre include manufacturing mechanics, electronics and automation, energy saving, solar cells, and environmental technology.

As Vietnam has to implement the country’s energy plan by the year 2030, it is interesting how this centre will work to boost development of solar energy technology. Singapore recently launched test beds for solar energy technology, which try to achieve similar objectives as what the technology centre will bring. The centre is responsible with producing solar panels of high efficiency by the year 2020.

Sustainable technology is an area of great interest in the region. This development is vital to sustainable development for the country as it places a high value on environmental protection and conservation.

Nguyen Quang Viet, Deputy Head of the Science section of the Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN) told media that this research research into solar cells of the technology research, transfer and assessment centre will be a solution for the nation's energy needs in the upcoming years.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Nguyen Quan, hopes that the centre supports the socio-economic development of Ha Noi and the country.

As we previously reported, Vietnam is keen on introducing technology innovation opportunities. It is expected that this technology centre will bring recognition to Vietnam as an up-and-coming technology hub. While Vietnam is not country known for its technology prestige, the research to be done at the new technology centre will garner global attention.

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