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Vietnam, South Korea strengthen ICT cooperation

Image credit: Ministry of Information and Communications

Earlier this week, the Minister of Information and Communications (MIC), Nguyen Manh Hung, had a meeting with the Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, Park Noh-wan.

According to a press release, at the meeting, the Ambassador said that the relationship and cooperation between Vietnam and South Korea over the past years had developed strongly. Specifically, in the field of IT through activities on policy consultancy, training information security experts, and establishing Vietnam-Korea IT cooperation centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Many Korean ICT enterprises are increasing investments in Vietnam, for example, Samsung and Lotte.

MIC’S Minister affirmed that the government and the ministry supported the positive move of Korea in investing in Vietnam in the field of ICT and is committed to promoting cooperation between Vietnamese and Korean businesses in these areas.

He proposed organising seminars and forums for Vietnamese ICT enterprises to introduce their products in Korea.

The Minister also said that Vietnam had implemented a 5G pilot in 2019 and will commercialise it this year with made-in-Vietnam equipment.

As OpenGov reported earlier, of 131 mobile network operators that are deploying 5G, three are in Vietnam. There are still no standards and official frequency for 5G in the world. It is expected that standards will be set up in 2020.

Two Vietnamese organisations, Viettel and Vingroup, have stated they will commercialise 5G telecom devices this year.

5G will create a new industry, the industry that produces trillions of devices, sensors, and triggering innovation in almost every industry.

The Ministry wants businesses to research and produce Vietnamese 5G equipment in cooperation with South Korea ones. South Korea’s KT and SK can cooperate with Vietnamese mobile businesses to develop new applications on the 5G platform.

During the meeting, the Ambassador mentioned the memorandum of cooperation between MIC and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communications of Korea.

The agreement was to promote cooperation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution signed in 2018 and expressed that the two sides would work together to implement the signed contents.

Regarding 5G mobile network, the Ambassador noted that Korea was the world leader in commercialising 5G last year, with a total of 5 million 5G subscribers at present and expected this number would be increased to 10 million by the end of 2020.

Korea is eager to hear about Vietnam’s information and preparations related to the commercialisation of 5G, the release claimed.

2G technology is pure phone technology, 3G is half phone and half data and 4G is purely data, for human-to-human communication. 5G is also data technology, but it is designed to connect everyone, with new features and low latency.

While 2G, 3G, and 4G are used to connect people across the globe, 5G will connect trillions of devices and transfer the physical world into the virtual world, and fundamentally change human life, MIC had stated earlier.

5G will increase the capacity and speed of broadband information and make connections for everything (IoT), especially those that require real-time response. It will renovate industries, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and create smart cities.

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