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Vietnamese Network Provider Achieves Record 5G Speeds

State-run carrier Viettel has successfully researched, tested, and established a 5G data transmission speed of more than 4.7Gb per second. This speed is 40 times higher than the 4G speed and more than two times the existing 5G speed, making Viettel one of the fastest 5G telecom networks in Asia.

According to a press release, the result confirms the outstanding capacity of the 5G ultra-short wave (mmWave) technology that Viettel is deploying in Vietnam. A 5G network with super high speeds is the foundation for building smart factories, agriculture, cities, healthcare, and education. To achieve a record data transmission speed, the research team of Viettel and a few other private players used the world’s most advanced E-UTRA New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology to increase speed and extend 5G coverage.

In the process of implementing technical solutions at Viettel Innovation Lab, Viettel used private player radio equipment and mobile devices using a state-of-the-art processor. Viettel has been a pioneer in deploying 5G in Vietnam and the only network operator in the world with the capacity to research and develop 5G equipment. The CEO of Viettel Networks stated that this breakthrough in speed helps increase the efficiency of Viettel’s 5G network. The organisation will continue to promote this technology so that people, businesses, governments, and society at large can experience the distinct benefits of 5G in particular and 4.0 technology in general.

An industry expert noted that this is an easy-to-install solution that promises to accelerate widespread 5G deployment in high-density urban areas with many preeminent features, ensuring the best user experience. The results of the trial confirm that Viettel’s 5G infrastructure is ready to deliver outstanding 5G services and experiences and promote the vision of digitising industries in Vietnam. This achievement enables large capacity, multi-Gigabit speeds, and low latency in solutions for individuals and businesses. The country has taken another important step in enabling Vietnamese people to access high-speed 5G equipment anytime, anywhere.

Earlier in July, Hanoi authorities announced a new postal telecommunications infrastructure development plan for 2025 with a vision for 2030. It aims to serve the city’s digital transformation programme. It defines postal infrastructure as an important factor of the digital economy, which contributes to promoting the development of a digital government and digital society.

Under the plan, the city targets 100% of communes to establish a post office with staff; all households register digital addresses; 4G/5G services and smartphones universalised, and fibre-optic broadband covering 80% of local households and every commune. Meanwhile, 80% of local industrial parks, high-tech parks and higher education facilities, hospitals, and public departments will be covered by 5G services. Also, about 95% of total households in Hanoi are expected to own and use at least one smartphone by 2025.

As OpenGov Asia reported, the city will prioritise high-quality broadband telecommunication infrastructure in high-tech parks, concentrated IT parks, industrial parks, export processing zones, R&D and innovation centres, schools, state agencies, hospitals, and tourism sites. Hanoi will also develop free WiFi networks in all tourist sites across the city. Apart from this, the city will speed up activities to promote the universalisation of smartphones and help local residents to access digital services easily. To this end, the municipal People’s Committee is encouraging economic sectors to build postal and telecommunication infrastructure systems and diversify telecommunication services.

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