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Vietnamese unified corporate governance platform launched

Over 12,000 enterprises are currently using the MISA AMIS platform, a digital platform under the Make in Vietnam campaign that is helping enterprises through the digital transformation process.

According to a press release, Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) recently launched MISA AMIS, a unified corporate governance platform that aids enterprises improve their structural governance in finance, business, personnel, and management.

In each field, the platform provides dozens of corresponding apps that help firms to manage their daily tasks efficiently. MIC has explained that the MISA AMIS aims to help the business community solve three major issues when engaging in the digital transformation process, including the lack of funding in investing in the standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Current solutions offered in the market have been unable to cover the whole development process of enterprises, and the incompatibility of individual apps in different aspects with each other. With databases stored on the cloud, users could work from different locations and with different devices, which together create a mobile working office. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the platform helps ensure continuity in enterprises’ operations.

Several advanced technologies have been incorporated into the MISA AMIS platform, including artificial intelligence (AI) for smart and automatic data processing; natural language processing (NLP), automatic data filling, and scanning. “The platform is set to ensure a speedier and more efficient decision-making process in enterprises while creating more added-value for users,” MISA CEO Dinh Thi Thuy noted.

At the recent National Forum for Developing Digital Technology Enterprises 2020, the Minister of MIC Nguyen Manh Hung called on every Vietnamese citizen and enterprise to take part in the Make in Vietnam initiative.

The event saw the participation of more than 1,000 delegates, experts, and digital technology enterprises. Hung delivered a speech that highlighted the meaning, mission, and strategic vision as well as possible solutions of the initiative.

One year ago, at the first National Forum for Developing Digital Technology Enterprise, the Make in Vietnam programme was introduced. The first Directive issued in 2020 – Directive 01 of the Prime Minister – was on the development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises. After a year, over 13,000 digital technology businesses have been developed.

Over the past years, the state has created favourable conditions for the development of digital technology businesses. So far, the digital technology business community has strongly developed with nearly 60,000 enterprises, and annual revenue of US$120 billion, becoming an important driving force for the development of the business community in Vietnam.

In the trend of international integration and the strong impact of the fourth industrial revolution, besides many development opportunities, Vietnamese digital technology enterprises have faced many difficulties and challenges in the research and development of new products and services, MIC said.

To implement the Politburo’s Resolution No. 52/2019 and the goal of developing 100,000 Vietnamese digital technology enterprises, it will require the cooperation and efforts of the state, the people, and the business community.

The government will actively develop and implement appropriate strategies, open mechanisms and policies, continue to improve the business investment environment, and facilitate business development, especially digital technology businesses.

The digital technology business community needs to be a pioneer in research, development, and innovation, mastering technology will make an important contribution to the national digital transformation.

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