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Virtual COVID-19 Clinic launched in Thailand

Three major companies in Thailand are joining hands to support Thai people suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The Thailand arm of a major global insurance company has announced the launch of the “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic”, a project developed in collaboration with True Digital Group and SAMITIVEJ.

It is a special teleconsultation service tailored to those with symptoms or who are at high risk of COVID-19. Risk categories include those travelling back from high-risk countries or having contact with high-risk people. The consultation service is free of charge and available all day every day.

The Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Thailand stated that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected various sectors, government, private, SMEs, and society.

Whether infected or not or just in doubt about symptoms, it has psychologically impacted many people which has led to mental anxiety. This anxiety also leads to physical stress affecting both themselves and other people around them.

He noted that the insurance firm recognises the difficulty Thai people have in this situation. Thus, they are collaborating with True Digital Group, the digital transformation enabler in Thailand, and SEA and SAMITIVEJ, a leading hospitals group in Thailand, to launch “Virtual COVID-19 Clinic”.

The clinic aims to enable those with symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19 to consult with medical specialists from SAMITIVEJ, thereby reducing the load on hospitals.

The Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej and BNH Hospitals stated that this collaboration with AIA and True Digital Group helps relieve distress amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand.

As the Thai government has requested people to stay home to contain the outbreak, some people are left in doubt as to whether they have the virus, or they may just be at high risk of having COVID-19, so they need to consult with a medical specialist to get clarification.

SAMITIVEJ acknowledges these concerns and is trying to resolve them by setting up Samitivej Virtual Hospital, a telemedicine service enabling real-time interactions between patients and doctors. The service enables callers to avoid visiting hospital unnecessarily, thereby reducing the risk of further COVID-19 infection.

With physical and mental health so important and something that mustn’t be neglected, the service is specially designed to be easily and widely accessible.

The Managing Director for Digital Solutions of True Digital Group revealed that as the COVID-19 outbreak has afflicted many sectors in Thailand, True Digital Group as a Digital Health Technology Partner is ready to support its expert partners to help relieve worries and concerns people may have around potential symptoms of the virus.

The aim is to help enable these people to consult with medical experts online, 24 hours.

This collaboration represents another step taken by the firm as a leader in innovation and technology to leverage digital capabilities for every business and everyone in society by delivering healthcare-related technology, or HealthTech.

The Virtual COVID-19 Clinic collaboration aims to provide free medical consultation services so every Thai can have access at this challenging time.

Additionally, the Group will move forward with Healthcare Technology (HealthTech) Development and collaborate with top-of-the-line partners such as leading hospitals and insurance companies to bring services that can improve the health of Thai people.

This teleconsultation service is open to people who have symptoms or who are at high risk of COVID-19. They can access the service themselves from home, so they don’t need to visit hospital unnecessarily.

As such, the service is in alignment with the government’s ‘Stay home and stop the spread of the virus for the sake of the nation’ directive.

Meanwhile, if the online doctor prescribes medication, Samitivej Hospital will make up the prescription at a 20% discount and deliver it for free.

Virtual COVID-19 Clinic” is open from 8 April to 10 May 2020 for those with symptoms or at high risk of COVID-19. The free service can be accessed through the website.

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