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Virtual War Memorial preserves Australian history

The South Australian Government has committed almost A$ 400,000 in over three years to guarantee that the education component of the Virtual War Memorial can continue to be managed and maintained in the years ahead.

This initiative will allow the students to continue exploring the history of those who have served the nation.

According to a recent press release, the Virtual War Memorial is an online commemorative collection of information.

Virtual War Memorial

It was purpose built to honour the personal experiences of all those who have served the nation in times of conflict, from the Boer War to Afghanistan.

The extensive database includes information on individuals, who have served, specific conflicts, units, places, memorials and cemeteries around the globe.

In addition, the site also offers the opportunity for students so that they can make a lasting contribution to the body of historical knowledge to those who have served.

Research made by the students on Australia’s servicemen and women will be published online through this initiative.

The existing funding agreement is scheduled to expire in August this year, but the State Government’s new commitment has guaranteed that the educational aspect of the website can continue until June 2022.

Encouraging participation

Education Minister John Gardner said the funding certainty will provide the opportunity for more schools to get involved.

The Virtual War Memorial is an excellent resource for students to have so that they can explore the history of the country, while also providing the unique opportunity for students to contribute to the body of knowledge.

The continuation of funding remains critical to the availability of education resources on the site as it continues to grow and expand its reach within government, catholic and independent schools.

Funding for global reach

In other news, the South Australian State Government’s A$ 28 million Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF) will help a local medical diagnostics software company take its life-changing technology to global markets.

The company will receive A$ 1.5 million from the State Government, matched by private investment to commercialise its Life Whisperer product.

This product uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify healthy embryos in IVF.

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni shared that the Fund supports research and development capability in South Australia.

It also advances scientific research and helps entrepreneurs take their innovative products and solutions into global markets.

What does the funding entail?

According to him, successful companies will refund the government investment and keep their intellectual property in South Australia.

The company, which is developing technology to help families, successful applied for funding. The company aims to improve pregnancy outcomes for the infertile couples in Australia and globally.

There is recognition from the government that their funding support will help to mobilise more private investment for new innovative companies in the medical device and artificial intelligence industry, thereby allowing these companies to grow.

The funding will support product development, regulatory approvals, sales and expansion to international markets.

With a potential A$ 700 million in commercial opportunity for this company, this will create highly-skilled jobs for South Australians and will further enhance the state’s capability and reputation in artificial intelligence and software development

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