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Western Australia Launches Data Platform to Boost Innovation

The Western Australian Government has launched Dealroom WA, a new data-driven public dashboard to develop the State’s early-stage innovation ecosystem. The region’s Innovation and ICT Minister announced the platform at the recent Perth Morning Startup event held at Spacecubed’s headquarters in the city, with the announcement being welcomed by a large group of local start-ups.

Dealroom WA displays the latest information on start-ups, innovators, high-growth companies, scale-ups, corporates, funding rounds, and investments from across Western Australia. The platform provides real-time and historic information on the size and activity within WA’s early-stage innovation ecosystem, including support systems such as accelerator programs, co-working spaces, universities, grants, and assistance.

The data presented across the platform is consolidated through publicly available information, manual research, and verification with the start-ups themselves and through ecosystem partnerships.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, the Dealroom platform services a global network of governments, tech ecosystems and jurisdictions. The platform tracks information from more than 500,000 start-ups globally, and last year collected data on US$700 billion worth of funding deals. Subscription to the Dealroom platform has been made possible with funding from the AU$16.7 million New Industries Fund.

The Innovation and ICT Minister stated that the government is committed to supporting local start-ups and innovators, and today’s launch of Dealroom WA provides the sector with an insightful tool for making better-informed decisions. The innovative, data-driven platform will be the first time the entire innovation ecosystem has been mapped for public view in Western Australia.

Through the platform, the scale and expertise present across the State’s innovation sector can be highlighted and supported. In turn supporting local start-ups to engage investors, service providers and policymakers. With Government support for these local innovators, through initiatives like Dealroom WA, the diversification of the economy and creation of the jobs of the future for Western Australians can be driven.

Recent research found that the global smart government market was valued at US$21.9 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach US$124.7 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 19.4% from 2022 to 2031.

Smart government often consists of the use of intelligently networked information and communication (ICT) technology to manage business activities related to government and administration. It comprises e-government and open-government initiatives as well as big data and open-data initiatives and includes long-term government and administrative activity in the age of the internet of things and the internet of services; based on the internet of systems, the internet of people, and the internet of data.

The growing adoption of technical innovations, rise in government investments in smart government technology, and the high acceptance rate of cloud-based solutions are the factors that drive the growth of the smart government market.

In addition, increase in penetration of smartphones coupled with fast internet connectivity, an upsurge in preference among consumers for smart governments, and widespread adoption of e-government features in developing countries accelerate the smart government market growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact on the smart government industry, owing to an increase in usage and adoption of online and digitalised public sector operations among consumers and government authorities globally. Currently, smart governments are experiencing massive growth as consumers are growing familiar with the digital technologies in the market.

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