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Western Australia Releases First Digital Strategy Roadmap

Image Credits: The Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government, WA Government Website

The Government of Western Australia published its first Digital Roadmap, aimed at outlining the government’s key initiatives implementing the State Government’s Digital Strategy 2021-2025. The first roadmap includes 22 projects and initiatives across 12 State Government agencies that are set to improve service delivery for Western Australian people and businesses.

The roadmap covers the four strategic priorities of the Digital Strategy:

  • better services;
  • informed decisions;
  • safe and secure; and
  • digitally inclusive

The Digital Strategy Roadmap contains key initiatives across government that are helping to progress the four strategic priorities of the Digital Strategy. A fifth priority, Supporting Digital Foundations, has also been included to capture initiatives that improve the government’s internal operations and future ability to progress the Digital Strategy’s four strategic priorities. This fifth priority illustrates initiatives that will future-proof the government’s internal operations and ability to progress the Digital Strategy’s four strategic priorities.

The roadmap follows the recent allocation and approval of funds from the $500 million Digital Capability Fund. The Fund was announced on 10 September 2021 to drive strategic and targeted investment in digital transformation across the sector and accelerate the delivery of the Digital Strategy. The state government will report on the progress of Digital Strategy projects and initiatives and make updates to the Roadmap twice a year.

Western Australian government agencies are working together to deliver the vision and objectives of the Digital Strategy for the Western Australian Government 2021-2025: Convenient, Smart and Secure Services for all Western Australians.

The Roadmap notes that under the guidance of DigitalWA: Western Australian Government ICT Strategy 2016-20, the Government has been moving away from legacy ICT systems and practices, and adopting common digital approaches across agencies.

The Office of Digital Government was established to further advance digital reform across government. The Office is focused on six key digital transformation areas:

  • improving online services;
  • implementing higher cyber security standards;
  • building data analytics capabilities;
  • developing policies that support a culture of data protection and sharing;
  • transforming how ICT services are purchased; and
  • investigating strategies to reduce the digital divide

The WA Government is ready to harness digital, to transform the way services are delivered to Western Australian people, communities and businesses.


The WA Government is starting to make it easier to connect with the WA Government by bringing services together in one place, both in-person at a trial ServiceWA centre; and online through its investment in digital capabilities.

Cyber security

The WA Government has established cyber security standards, improved coordination of cyber security efforts across the government and strengthened engagement with key external partners.

Digital services

A common approach has been adopted by the WA Government to make its digital services more accessible and responsive to community needs. This approach is being implemented on their website, which brings together informational services from across the government.

Reducing the digital

The WA Government consulted on the draft Digital Inclusion in WA Blueprint to guide how to become a more digitally inclusive State.

Open data

The Government is now open to sharing and harnessing the value of data. Data is being published that will drive innovation, research and better decision-making for the community and businesses here.

ICT as a service

A shift from owning and operating ICT infrastructure to consuming ICT as a service is being implemented. This allows the government to be more agile, get more value for its money and focus on the business needs of agencies in delivering services to the community.

Western Australia’s Innovation and ICT Minister stated that the Government is committed to delivering modern digital services that all Western Australians deserve now and into the future. He noted that the new Roadmap offers the WA industry and community an exciting preview into some of the convenient, smart and secure digital projects that are on track to be delivered by 2025. “The Roadmap lays out how we will action our Digital Strategy by drawing down on the Digital Capability Fund over the coming years.”

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