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What happens when Arts and Technology come together in Singapore?

What happens when Arts and Technology come together in Singapore

An inaugural art meets tech festival was organized this month by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. The “Festival of Technology” was held at the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. Minister for Communications and Information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim opened the Festival of Technology and took part in the festivities.

Engaging artists and creative minds using technology has expanded the Singapore Smart Nation reach to new audiences. “But that does not mean we cannot have some fun along the journey. In fact, Smart can be creative and sometimes even playful!” exclaimed Minister Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim.

Components for the festival were comprised from three programs: FutureEverything Singapore, Crowdsourced Tech Art Contests, and Tech Memories. FutureEverything Singapore is a city-wide festival, encouraging technology to be integrated into interactive artworks and creative urban play exhibits.

Crowdsourced Tech Art Contests let people submit their own pieces of photography or video to be shown at the festival. Tech Memories asked for submissions relating to a timeline of Singapore’s tech development.

Arts and technology may seem relevant when discussing the mediums of graphic design and photography. By associating art with technology, the ability for creative expression and use of technologies broadens.

This kind of programming is what makes Singapore a truly smart and innovative space for people to interact with technology. Involving artists and app developers alike shapes the Smart Nation vision into an inclusive initiative.

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