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What will our hospitals look like in 2025?

What will our hospitals look like in 2025

Ten years down the road, our hospital visits will not take more than 30 minutes of our time. Within 30 minutes you will have arrived to the office, seen the doctor, received your prescription, and be administered your medication.

Healthcare IoT and IT solutions are making great headway into the mainstream market. Some of these devices we might already be seeing in our health facilities. Yet, there is a lot still in store and a lot of potential to be garnered in the technology realm.

Recently, I was at the headquarters for IHIS and saw some of these devices in action.

Singapore is leading the way when it comes to healthcare technology. Plus, the country being so small, allows these devices to bypass approval in a smart and efficient manner. Drones, Google Glass, and Video Analytics Solutions may very well be seen in Singapore Hospitals as soon as next year.

In 2025, Healthcare facilities will become:
More Efficient
More Accessible
More Reliable
More Transparent

Our traditional facilities are burdened by long waiting times, doctors unfamiliar with patients, and high costs. IoT and IT Solutions will fix these issues, making the hospital and easier place to visit.

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