Smartphones to become even smarter with improved GPS

This will revolutionise a range of disciplines requiring centimetre-level positioning, which include precise car navigation, surveying, and geophysics or deformation monitoring. Countries and industries of all sizes can benefit from using smartphones as GNSS receivers.

Technology boosts competitiveness of Philippine SMEs

It has been indicated in a recent survey that software automation and mobile payments are the widely used technologies in the Philippines. Use of these innovations allows small businesses to increase their revenues as they improve their products, among others.

Philippine economy to grow faster with technology

Addressing technology, R&D, hard and soft infrastructures, capacity development of human resources and institutions as a package, instead of focusing too much on just one aspect, will improve the country’s readiness for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

China’s strategy for commercially viable innovation

China’s copycat days are over. A group of lawyers, academics and industry leaders share how China’s tech scene is burnishing the country’s reputation and revolutionising how Chinese businesses should think about themselves.