Singapore’s Privately Led Digital Hub

By working on successful infrastructural projects on the tiny island, countries in the region can hope to transfer Singapore’s success and learnings for their own growth.

UTS Tech Lab to boost research collaborations

It is critical for universities to work alongside industry since Australian business and industry as well as its workforce will be transformed in the coming decades. It will help Australia leapfrog other nations in innovative approaches to skill building and cross-disciplinary problem solving.

Philippines takes space technology efforts to the next level

Upon his return, the Filipino participant is expected to train and collaborate with students, researchers, and engineers specialising in space technology applications. This is very significant to the future space technology applications of the country as it aims to create its own Space Agency.

Robots to save the day during emergencies

Robots have been showing how the latest technology in fire and rescue can help save lives. When looking at bushfires or factories with chemicals, it is very difficult for humans to be able to go into those environments. In getting rid of the fire, no one wants to have any fatalities.