Smart bins to clean up Tasmanian city

This Smart City Strategy will definitely help in cleaning up the city. This initiative will be able to forecast where the bins are, pinpointing the locations that needed more bins and those that do not.

New Zealand to digitalise monitoring of fisheries

Fisheries New Zealand can make more informed and faster decisions about managing the fisheries to maximise their recreational, cultural, commercial and environmental value. The upgrade to electronic reporting will reduce human error and make reporting easier and more efficient.

Philippine local government unit and agency undergo digitalisation

The 3-in-1 ATM card serves as the company ID of the employees, a timekeeping card for attendance, and an ATM card. The digitalisation of the process at the Registry of Deeds will record every step of the transaction, including the officer who will handle the transaction for easy tracking.

Australia to hold its first space incubator program

Five start-up companies have been chosen to participate in the program. Venture Catalyst Space a part of the A$ 4 million Space Innovation Fund of the State Government and will run over the next 4 years.

How can Malaysia unlock its full tech potential?

The report, entitled ‘Malaysia’s Digital Economy: A New Driver of Development,’ underscores the importance of maximizing the benefits of the digital economy for all Malaysians and for minimizing any adverse effects on equal access to digital services.